Whether the Shanghai dragon will change in the future direction of optimization

three: Shanghai dragon industry worries will be banned SEM

: the worries of a Shanghai dragon whether the extension of

simple search engine algorithm is to change the user’s search engine market competition also exists. Who can provide users with the best information, the user can choose who it is law. Then the search engine algorithm change is conducive to Shanghai dragon? We can only say that the search engine algorithm changes to the webmaster do optimization more professional, to optimize the user useful. read more

The procedure and experience is the core business website before you run

: after the optimized banner

common website banner

is now the site operator, not found a lack of quality web experience way, only the lack of practical ability. For a very simple example, as shown in Figure 1, is a big banner picture, we believe that in the marketing enterprise website and products website, often see their shadow. The overall performance is very beautiful, but it is not practical. The love of spiders in Shanghai of any quality content to crawl here. But if the model shown in Figure 2, whether or not you will click to read and browse. Small details, is enough to prove that the user browsing is also based on the data statistics of the results. read more

From the beginning of 0 Shanghai dragon bit optimization algorithm

Inside the content link

three, home to must have rich and valuable content, single page too, if only a word or a simple contact phone + simple a few of no great importance. I think we can’t waste this page, the user guide and education is very good, allowing users to buy your product, do the details are important web page pictures and other details are to take control of a good website, such as ICO small icon is set up

four, in the title of the page title is best to use H1 tags to write the title to very good page contains the contents of the title to do a very good attraction, a good title to let customers click on your impulse, the inside pages of content, reduce the search engine into filter or no sense of the word. Paragraphs reasonable announced, the layout is clear, the key to highlight the main content (Gaka, 2 can be, but appropriate to increase the key words, not too much, generally 1 – 2 can), it links (connecting inside and outside the station). Try to add pictures, so if there is illustrated. The video that is more good, the inside pages of related pages and news. The content of the article is not long, but not too small, generally about 500 to 2000 words, not more than 5000 words. The best comment page. Where is a interactive increase and the reader, the two is to update the page to grab and keep updated search engine so read more

Depth analysis local real estate network to explore the way in the promotion of

exploration of the road

operation of the local real estate site friends, will encounter many problems, especially some problems in the promotion of early, in the face of strong competitors, evaluate the promotion effect of blocked face, finally we how to choose their own local website promotion operation, I recently in the operation of a local real estate network, some the promotion of things with friends and share experiences in these 2 months.

2: we then contacted the newspaper, television, media, you must know the local newspapers and television ads are basically related to real estate, this also let others for us to refuse to, we are giving money to others, others do not, the reason we’re on their market, and they accounted for compete, because we are also in the media, after advertising for those real estate. read more

s not really a skill for website optimization

before we build the site we must first buy a domain name to build websites, carefully select the domain name of this point. If you are to build the site to play, the careful selection of domain name can be ignored, choose according to their own preferences and interest; of course website for marketing it should pay attention to, because it is related to the future development of the website; Nanning Shanghai dragon team is recommended to choose easy to remember domain name, let users faster we remember the domain name of the website, such as: 58贵族宝贝 these domains we look at to remember, it is helpful to optimize the site; there is the choice and site theme related domain name, such as: you do lose weight, can be written as jianfei贵族宝贝, this can give site points. The purchase of the space is also very important, we must carefully choose space, do not see the cheap buy, it will make you very difficult after optimization, so it is necessary to carefully choose the space, such as space, can the pseudo static, 301 redirect Web log, download and so on these functions are complete. The first function is not used, when the flow can be used, it is necessary to choose a good space. read more

How to choose the twelve standard website optimization service company

(2) reputation forever is an important criterion of good or bad people or things, never choose site optimization services where you can get some recommendations from friends and business partners, because their experience must be false.

technology for the network is not fine or even very strange business, if you want to optimize your web site, the best choice of website optimization services company strength on behalf of the service, because of the lack of skills and experience you whether you spend much time and energy to optimize the site but will find the rankings are not always satisfactory. At this time, you can only help to optimize service company website. How to find a suitable for your Shanghai Longfeng service company? The following twelve standards for reference. read more

Analysis of the website included several reasons for the decline

how can we stop? If it is to make the product, then we put every content page to make a precise description of the picture. If too much content see Italy made the text on the picture to reduce page similarity. If the content is too little we can do like this:

2, text, will lead to the high similarity, what will cause high similarity? Do you like products, the process is not enough to buy the most are the same, and the copyright, but also a cause of high similarity.

three, the website of Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization cheating read more

Behind the achievement is a dull job and a long wait

Shanghai dragon is also almost a year in retrospect, every day is to content and outreach and mechanical struggle, have good and bad results. Both the content and the chain its technical content is not high. Do a simple Shanghai dragon is the way to understand the principle of Shanghai dragon can be fully extended for other people to do. I think we should search engines who are elusive, especially love Shanghai, often engage in a surprise attack like Google so regularly. I want to have the content and the chain experience and share with you. read more

Details determine success Homepage link allocation techniques

homepage is high weight page born, taking full advantage of the home itself, on the website of the overall optimization plays a very important role, including the home page optimization should pay attention to a lot of details, like the number, distribution and strategy of home link link, below I explain in detail the connection point of the home page allocation techniques.

three, the home page connection point

Note: 3, the number of optimization strategy of

statistics when users browse the web page browsing general key areas to F, because the search engine is to simulate the human thinking mode of analysis and included on the site, so that the keyword search website ranking, website so important products or news in this area is ideal, the search engine will give high weight. read more

How do the six methods Links exchange

Links is a good construction site outside the chain, its role had said, one is to improve the site traffic, give the site more exposure on the Internet, the two is the construction of the chain.

how to determine which pages of the highest weight? The Shanghai dragon Moz tools on this tool can be viewed here, do not understand or are not familiar with friends can see me on the introduction of Shanghai dragon Moz tool post.

five, how to find Links object. A good place is on the QQ group, >

four, friends of the chain in the anchor text writing. A chain exchange not only write the same anchor text. The anchor text is a large proportion of the search engine algorithm, Links anchor text anchor text of a web site in all is a word that is easy to search engine punishment. If there are multiple target words better, if not, suggest some other similar words and target words in low weight website. read more