PRO-6 not affected by major PNP revamp

first_img2. Former Eastern PoliceDistrict chief Brigadier General Bernabe Balba is now the chief of the ManilaPolice District (MPD). Twenty-two police generals have so farbeen reshuffled. They were put on a three-month probation, said PNPofficer-in-charge Police Lieutenant General Archie Gamboa, as the policeorganization fights allegations that some of its members resold confiscatednarcotics.  19. Brigadier GeneralNicerio Obaob was moved to Mimaropa  20. Brigadier GeneralJoselito Daniel has been reassigned to the Police Community Affairs andDevelopment Group. 15. Brigadier GeneralAnthony Alcañeses is the new Bicol police director. 7. Colonel Ronald Leehas been reassigned to the IMEG. The PRO-6 has not received anycommunication or order from the PNP national headquarters regarding anymovement or reassignment of its officials, stressed Police Lieutenant ColonelJoem Malong, spokesperson of the regional police command. 3. Calabarzon police directorBrigadier General Edward Carranza is now the chief of the PNP Logistics SupportService. 1. Manila PoliceDistrict (MPD) chief Brigadier General Vicente Danao is now the Calabarzonpolice director. The 22 revamped police officials werethe following: 12. Police Security andProtection Group (PSPG) chief Brigadier General Filmore Escobal is the ew DavaoRegion police director. Police Brigadier General RenePamuspusan remains the police director of Western Visayas. 10. HPG chief EliseoCruz is now the PNP CIDG deputy chief. 11. Mimaropa policedirector Brigadier General Tomas Apolinario has been reassigned to theDirectorate for Intelligence as deputy chief. 8. DEG chiefBrigadier General Albert Ferro has been reassigned to the Bicol PoliceRegional Office as deputy chief for administration. 4. Central Luzon policedirector Brigadier General Joel Coronel is now the PNP Criminal Investigationand Detection Group (CIDG) chief. 13. Bicol policedirector Brigadier General Arnel Escobal has been reassigned to theAviation Security Group  “We continue working for the peace andorder of our place under the leadership of General Pamuspusan,” shestressed. 6. Integrity Monitoringand Enforcement Group’s (IMEG) Colonel Romeo Caramat is now with the PNP DrugEnforcement Group (DEG). 14. Major General MarielMagaway was moved to the PNP Directorate for Intelligence 21. Brigadier GeneralMarcelo Morales moves to the PSPG. 5. CIDG chief Major GeneralAmador Corpus has been reassigned to the PNP Human Resource and DoctrineDevelopment (HRDD). 16. Brigadier GeneralFerdinand Divina has been reassigned to Eastern Visayas. Pamuspusan was appointed to the PRO-6only this June. 18. Brigadier GeneralLeonardo Cesneros is now assigned to Central Luzon. 9. Eastern Visayaspolice director Brigadier General Dionardo Carlos is the new Highway Patrol Group(HPG) chief. 22. Brigadier GeneralRhodel Sermonia is the new deputy director of the PNP Directorate for PoliceCommunity Relations./PN 17. Brigadier GeneralAngelito Casimiro was moved to Cagayan Valley. ILOILO City – The first wave of amajor revamp in the Philippine National Police (PNP) has spared the PoliceRegional Office 6 (PRO-6).last_img