Register your Greek property or forever lose your rights

first_imgThe Ktimatolgio / Hellenic Cadastre is currently in the process of collecting new property ownership declarations for various areas throughout Greece as well as confirming declarations that have previously been submitted in other areas.Which areas should I be aware of? More than half of Greece is currently under registration since 19 November, 2018. Areas including Kalymnos, Karpathos, Ioannina, Lefkada, Kastoria, Nafpaktos, Kefallonia, the Peloponnese, Ikaria and Chios are among a few.Deadlines for submission vary and have been extended up to late April through late May for Greek residents whereas residents abroad are entitled to an extended deadline.Athens Municipality property owners will be receiving notifications to double check their property declarations for any false information.The deadline for amendments in Athens as well as submitting new declarations for those of you that have forgotten to do so, is June 24, 2019.READ MORE: Property registry deadlines for owners in GreeceDocuments neededDepending on how ownership was acquired, documents needed, may differ. The basic documents owners need to keep in mind however include the following:Application Form – online or hard-copy when physically submitted Title Ownership – photocopy or scanned when submitting online Land survey when applicableGreek Identification Card or Passport InformationA very important step in the entire process, is also precisely identifying the location of the property. When recent topography surveys with coordinates are not available, property owners can visit the official website to identify the property.Why register? Greek Property owners that fail to register on time, will forever lose their rights.The Greek government will be entitled to ownership rights for any “unknown” property that has never been declared.Furthermore, the Ktimatologio is one the many “fast tracking” property laws since 2010 that will all connect and be linked to the Electronic Building Code ID to be implement in the near future.K. Sirouni is an architect and Greek Property Management consultant. Visit Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img