Pokemon Go hack makes Ditto appear

first_imgLegendary Pokemon are currently unavailable in Pokemon Go, but one crafty trainer has modified the game client to make one other hidden Pokemon turn up: Ditto.Ditto is a shape-shifting transformation Pokemon, capable of copying an opponent’s creature down to the move set. It’s also currently the only non-legendary Pokemon unavailable in the game, joining the likes of legendaries Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and, of course, Mew.Why Ditto is so special is unclear, outside of its exclusive transformation ability, but there is a way to make it turn up in the game. For those tired of waiting to hear official news from Nintendo, this is a way to get a sneak peek.Youtuber FrozenAquaCat uploaded a video of his modified game and describes a bit of his tinker work in the video description. Weedle, a bug-type Pokemon, has a Pokedex number of 13. Incidentally, this coincides with his encounter ID, which is what the game client uses to tell your device which Pokemon you just discovered.The savvy trainer might realize that Ditto’s Pokedex number, and his encounter ID, just so happens to be 132. By modifying the Pokemon Go client, FrozenAquaCat was able to add the missing 2 to the ID, causing his next encounter with a Weedle to result in Ditto taking its place. Using the programming language Python, he was able to forcibly inject his code into the game using a technique that makes it playable on PC.Unfortunately, the game crashes if he attempts to throw a Pokeball at the Ditto, but we’re one step closer to making capturing Ditto a reality. Until then, we’ll just have to wait until someone figures out how to make Ditto just a tad less temperamental. Guarantee 1000+ CP1/17For Pokemon that can evolve, their starting CP will dictate whether or not their final evolution will hit the coveted 1000+ mark. While each Pokemon grow at different rates, you can use PoGoToolKit to estimate their final CP.Photo Credit: @iBlali on Twitter.<><>last_img