Report McKibbins medical issues likely caused fatal plane crash

first_img Medical problems may have contributed to the loss of control in a March 2016 small plane crash that killed two Vancouver residents, including pilot and Clark County luminary John McKibbin, according to investigators at the National Transportation Safety Board.McKibbin likely lost control during a low-altitude maneuver to spread a passenger’s husband’s ashes. Investigators determined that the most probable cause of the crash was McKibbin’s medical issues — which included an insufficiently treated sleep disorder, severe heart disease, depression and possible lingering concussion damage.McKibbin, 69, and his passenger, Irene Mustain, 63, were killed when McKibbin’s WWII-era plane crashed into the Columbia River near Astoria, Ore., on March 23, 2016.The two took off from Pearson Airfield in McKibbin’s plane, a 1941 North American AT-6A military trainer, with the intent to spread Mustain’s husband’s ashes over the Columbia River near Astoria, Ore. Their plane went down around 4 p.m.According to the final report on the crash, the maneuver to spread the ashes required the pilot to slow down and make a banking turn. The move allows a passenger to open the canopy and hold out and open a bag carrying the ashes, so they can disperse in the wind. John McKibbinlast_img