Police investigate alleged burglarykidnapping in Rose Village

first_imgAn alleged burglar and kidnapper remained at large late Thursday after handcuffing a woman in her home in the Rose Village neighborhood — and fleeing when her husband wrested a gun from the intruder and fired a shot at him, police said.The 5 p.m. incident drew many Vancouver officers to the area, most carrying rifles or shotguns as a tracking dog tried to sniff out the man’s trail down streets and through backyards.A dozen or more SWAT and patrol officers took positions at intersections around the area of the St. Johns IGA supermarket and Bill’s Chicken & Steak House in the 2200 block of St. Johns Boulevard. At least twice, officers detained men who partially resembled the intruder, and later released them.The manhunt began after a woman ran from her home in the 2300 block of East 27th Street to the nearby IGA and asked for help. Officials originally were told she’d been shot, but later learned she suffered only minor injuries.A next-door neighbor of the injured woman told news reporters she saw her fleeing her home in handcuffs.The victim, not yet identified by police, said she came home and found an unknown man inside, and the man restrained her with handcuffs.last_img