Microsoft to double number of ads on Windows 10 Start Menu

first_imgThere was much rejoicing when Microsoft announced that they were bringing back the Start Menu in Windows 10. Then came the news that they were turning it into an ad-delivery system.Back in October of last year, Microsoft flipped the switch on “suggested apps,” which, logically enough, inserted tiles for apps they suggest you take a look at into your Start Menu. It was done pretty subtly, thankfully. They didn’t, for example, cover half your menu with a big, flashy promo for the new Facebook app. There’s a major tweak coming to their suggested app program, however. According to slides from a recent presentation they put on for Windows developers, Microsoft announced that they were going to be doubling the number of suggested app tiles on the Windows 10 Start Menu.The total count will increase from five to 10. That doesn’t sound so good, right? 10 ads cluttering up the Start Menu, who wants that? Well, Microsoft, for one, and some app developers for another. The good news is that the increased number of suggested tiles actually ends up not changing the amount of stuff you see on the Start Menu. That’s because Microsoft is also going to drop five pinned apps.The pinned app total will fall from 17 to 12, so at the end of the day the total number of tiles remains the same. It’s also worth noting that this should only be a concern for folks clicking in to the Start Menu on a fresh Windows 10 install or a newly-purchased computer. If you’re upgrading an existing computer to Windows 10 or already installed it months ago, you shouldn’t be impacted by the change.Even if you are, you can always just right click a tile you don’t want and unpin it or uninstall the app completely. You can also go into your start settings in Windows 10 and turn off the toggle to “occasionally show suggestions” to keep them at bay.last_img