From parrots to underwear last week we revealed t

first_imgFrom parrots to underwear, last week we revealed the 20 strangest things left on flights by passengers. But parrots are not the only wildlife to have been discovered aboard. We present the top 10 animals found on planes.1. BeesA swarm of bees was once spotted on board a flight to Moscow, forcing terrified passengers to ‘buzz for help’. They certainly kept frantic cabin crew as busy as a bee.2. MiceA horrified air hostess cancelled a Nepal Airlines flight to Bangkok after discovering a tiny passenger scurrying across the cabin. The mouse gave himself up to officials and came quietly.3. BatsA winged stowaway was discovered flapping round the cabin on a Delta flight from Wisconsin to Atlanta, much to the alarm of passengers. Watch the video MaggotsOne of the more unpleasant discoveries in our round-up, maggots were found falling from an overhead locker on a flight due to depart from Atlanta airport. The maggots were found in rotten meat inside a passenger’s luggage.5. BirdsWho’s a pretty boy then? One amorous owner clearly couldn’t bear to be apart from her two exotic birds as they were found inside her socks as she attempted to board a flight from Los Angeles to China.6. MonkeysThey say you should keep some things under you hat, but a pet monkey on a flight probably isn’t one of them. The tiny marmoset was found on a flight from Florida to New York, but much to the delight of passengers was allowed to sit next to his owner for the rest of the flight and behaved impeccably for the duration of the journey.More: Man found with monkey in pants RelatedFalcon found on plane – the strangest things left on board revealedFrom underwear to onions, parrots to marriage proposals, our latest survey reveals the most bizarre items found by cabin crew.Swarm of bees board Moscow flightSwarm of bees board Moscow flight7 of the weirdest travel stories of 2014Pigs on planes, windowless flights and other wacky travel stories from the last 12 months. 7. RatsA Qantas flight crew conducting routine checks before take-off in Sydney made a rather grim discovery when a group of rats were found in the medical equipment compartment. No passengers had boarded and the problem was rectified before the jet returned to service.More: [Flight attendant denies smuggling rats in pants](http://Flight attendant denies smuggling rats in pants)8. LeopardsAuthorities in Bangkok were alerted recently to a passenger who was found to have several rare infant leopards, panthers and bears in his suitcase. In Thailand, leopards and panthers can fetch $5,000 each on the illegal black market.9. SquirrelsA passenger managed to smuggle two parrots alongside a squirrel on an Etihad plane departing from Jakarta last year, before being arrested on his arrival at Abu Dhabi airport.10. TurtlesA man was found recently attempting to smuggle his pet turtle onto a China Southern Airlines flight in a KFC burger. Despite the passenger’s claim that his small friend was ‘just a hamburger’, it not permitted to travel.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img