By WFWP Italy On February 25th at the WFWP headqu

first_imgBy WFWP Italy: On February 25th at the WFWP headquarters in Rome, there was a meeting held to organize the upcoming local activities with the young ladies who actively collaborate with WFWP.Elisabetta Nistri, president of WFWP reported, as requested by Dr. Moon who reiterated at the recent congress in Korea, that both taking care of the needs and wounds of humanity can be brought about by work through the WFWP; thus to support the development and interior growth of women, towards the realization of a better world.Elisabetta then presented the new WFWP flier and thanked the girls for their excellent work running the Facebook page WFWP Italy. She then motivated them to take on more responsibility for any project that may be of personal interest.From this mind mapping activity, there arose a few ideas; Internal and External Beauty, Purity as an Adolescent, Mother and Daughter relationships, Rent a Uterus, The use of a woman’s body in society, Attraction and Love; where are the boarders? Beauty in every phase of life, Make-up to add value, not to hide it.We decided that the next meeting will address Mother and Daughter. It will be on 16th April with the title “Let’s learn to express our internal beauty”. In the first half of the meeting, the young ladies will encourage those present, utilizing their experiences and a presentation video, to discover their own value of character and personality, learning to have self-respect and respect for their bodies. In the second half, in collaboration with some beauty guru friends, they will offer some practical make-up advice.In May, they want to celebrate Mother’s day, inviting all mothers and daughters to come to the event.last_img