By CARP Czech Republic Veronika Trinklova We were

first_imgBy CARP Czech Republic, Veronika TrinklovaWe were lucky to experience the Principle from both its theoretical and also practical side. On that day, CARP Czech Republic organized in cooperation with WFWPU leader Marcela Rozehnalová half-day Universal Principles workshop for new guests called “Follow your dreams”. We had in total 4 new guests plus CARPies and together we created very deep inspiring spiritual atmosphere. The atmosphere was so open for sharing so that we could freely talk even about heritage and mission of our True Parents.As we heard in the first half of the day about importance to nurture our spirits with vitality elements through good acts, we wanted to experience it also in practice. So CARP CZ organized in the afternoon also little service project in cooperation with one local organization called “Food not bombs” (it has branches all around the world), that is cooking free food for homeless people and people in need three times a week. CARPies cooked thick veggie soup, bought some pastries and brought it to the given place, where already many homeless people had gathered.While serving, we could speak to some of them and hear their mostly heavy and touchy stories and their THANK YOU. We could also get in touch with people from the organization, share about CARP and exchange some contacts. It was all in all very nice and deep experience which gave us the real feeling of getting some vitality elements for our spirits.last_img