The two major factors that lead to women health network nipple color

women’s nipples are part of the overall structure of the breast. The nipple is the breast tissue, parts of the most important function of the appearance is more appropriate, the nipple can foil the plump breast beauty.

female nipple and areola color normal is pale red or brown powder, if the nipple and areola color has changed, can prompt the female endocrine system of some physiological changes or pathological changes.

the nipple and areola color change has two part:

a, physiological changes read more

The small mines should not be underestimated breast health net

because of shyness, they rarely go to hospital for treatment. Coupled with a small lump in the breast pain, growth and slow, so there is a kind of luck, that massage or take some medicine, you can make it disappear. As everyone knows, this idea is unscientific.

breast is one of the most common tumors. Between 20 and 30 years of age, there are small lumps in the breast, mostly benign tumors, also known as breast fibroma. If the marriage of their own breast on a small lump did not pay attention to, because of pregnancy after marriage, breast acinar hyperplasia, breast enlargement, breast fibroma also rapidly increased. At this time there will be a lot of adverse factors, such as treatment, and found that the breast should be treated as soon as possible. read more

Woman six period breast care key health net

At present, the incidence of breast cancer in China is increasing rapidly, and the age of onset is becoming younger and younger.

has become the number one threat to women’s health. We work with you to protect breast health –

baby: best not to squeeze do not rub

the entire infant breast is at rest. However, due to the impact of the birth of the mother of estrogen in the body, may be in the short term after birth, breast enlargement or nipple discharge, etc..

: don’t care focus attention now, don’t rub it, squeeze, to avoid infection, can promote the absorption of local hot compress to. With the decline in the level of female hormones in the baby, about 3 weeks later, the breasts naturally return to normal and into the stationary phase. read more

Bad mood destroy female breast health health network

aggravated environmental pollution, long term high fat diet, high fever, smoking and drinking, lack of exercise Hair Coloring "modern life" is an important factor… Breast disease rising. Following four bombs and destroyed milk "milk" is not shallow.

bomb one: high-fat diet into the breast killer

for a long time sitting in the office of the white-collar work, sit still less, lack of exercise, lack of sunshine bathed the body ready to let cancer. In addition, a casual afternoon box lunch every day, eating out, eating high fat and high protein, smoking and drinking, life seems to be very rich, but let the breast Tim crisis." Doctors say. Sedentary not only easy to induce breast disease, but also cause a series of diseases such as vaginitis, ovarian lesions and other diseases, especially need attention. read more

8 point massage to the chest up ‘s health network

1, Fu point, Zhongwan and Lingtai point

want to eliminate the chest and back fat, can be 3 acupressure in the house points Zhongwan and Lingtai point. Press 15 minutes every time, massage for 1 days to eliminate the upper body obesity.

: the upper house points by subclavian, upper arm angle of three dimple formation.

cv12: about 10 cm in the navel.

Lingtai point: the back of the third thoracic spines at the pit.

2, danzhong

points: sternal midline, and fourth, the junction of the 5 ribs, the middle of the nipple is two. read more

The women had breast fibroma health network don’t worry

breast fibroma is round or oval, smooth surface, clear boundary with the surrounding tissue, there is a sense of capsule, easy to promote. The increase of breast fibroma is slow, and the tumor can be increased rapidly due to the influence of estrogen during pregnancy or lactation.

women with breast fibroma don’t worry about

breast fibroma is the most common benign tumor of the breast, good hair at the age of 20-39 years of age among women, because the age of the female ovarian function is strong, sex hormones are also active. Generally have estrogen and breast fibroma of the stimulus, as part of the breast tissue is sensitive to estrogen, so by estrogen stimulation of epithelial tissue and fibrous tissue of the breast will occur in varying degrees of hyperplasia, known as fibroadenoma. read more

How to eat fruit to help you stay away from breast cancer ‘s health network

1, mango

scientific research found that women eat mango, the role of breast cancer prevention. The researchers conducted a study on Mango polyphenol, especially the biological active components of tannin (and cancer prevention and suppression related). Tannic acid is a polyphenol, with a bitter taste, containing this ingredient of grape seed and tea. Studies have found that the cell division cycle is broken by polyphenols. This may be a mechanism to prevent or inhibit cancer cells.

2, citrus

citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, orange, lemon and kumquat, are rich in vitamin C, can prevent the formation of nitrosamines, suitable for gastric cancer, laryngeal cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer patients to eat. read more

Six dishes can make the chest size surge in health network

In fact, no need for

chest size is too anxious, 6 dishes made of 17 kinds of food here will help you to have a full chest, charming figure. Although Sibu will not happen overnight, but as long as you step by step, it will usher in the

cup upgrade surprise!

1 qingsun + yam + liver

Nutritionist private words:

yam is a respected Chinese tonic Jiapin, rich in protein, with the role of invigorating spleen and tonifying kidney and replenishing essence Qi; liver is rich in heme iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin B and so on, not only conducive to the synthesis of estrogen, or the blood of the preferred food; lettuce is the traditional breast vegetables. The combination of the three, is nursed back to blood effect, can promote breast nutrition supply, can improve the skin’s moisture and color sense. read more

Use soap to clean up breast breast health net

anatomically, sebaceous glands and large sweat gland breast, breast skin surface of the oil is under the areola of the sebaceous glands. During pregnancy, increased secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands also areola nipple hypertrophy, become soft, and increase the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands also make the skin surface acidification, leading to cuticle softening. At this time, if the commonly used soap cleaning items, from the nipple and areola. The breast skin secretions, wash away the protective lubricating grease, the women’s breast health is bad. read more

Health warning 12 kinds of signs of disease of the female breast health network

1 mass. Most of the tumors with slow growth and obvious pain are benign hyperplasia or inflammation. The rapid growth and the unclear boundary mass need to be examined as soon as possible.

2 nipple inversion. The cause of the inverted nipple: there are several clothes too tight, especially in female breast development period of the underwear is too tight; the improper use of the bra is too small, too tight, the use of early genetic factors.

3 skin ulcers. In patients with breast cancer, some patients will have skin problem, manifested as local ulceration Jiuzhibuyu, with a lot of bloody, purulent secretion odor. read more