Digg case study why technical people are important users

I have always thought that Digg is a Web2.0 application I miss, want to study and study, thanks to Ding Ding!

Analysis of

* * *: big thunder and heavy rain

text published: October 15, 2006 read more

Our station depends on whether P money

simple to talk about my site

in 2003 the establishment of pure static website: in alliance, is a star of the website

at that time do not understand the optimization, the blog is not popular… On their own page by page to do a little by little by hand to add content..

2007: http://s.www.98kankan.cn

lazy Theater

just started Baidu included good, but not much IP, and later included less and less, facing almost K risk

began to analyze the reasons:

content on the acquisition, it is needless to say, the problem is a key read more

dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road series

first of all, thanks to the king’s support for me, the king is much bigger than me, although I do things with him may not be the same, but a lot of thinking can be exchanged. Most of the time, the domestic and foreign situation is completely different, of course, is also in line with the characteristics of China, do foreign Wangzhuan, you only need to do your own can be, but the country is with the traditional industries, need a personal pulse circle. Including links from the exchange of links, you have a network with no network is completely different. read more

January 2007 full network Unicom SP revenue ranking

SP code SP;             GSM                  CDMA                  total

10000 Sina             6196935.87 1301688.11 7498623.98

30014 an irresistible force

91229 network of vision 3996068.11 1364872.27 5360940.38

90300 Beijing air messenger 3775000.24 7587.02 3782587.26

90079 Beijing chixuntong 2530058.39 626425.75 3156484.14

30006             2117698.31 982635.22 3100333.53

20001             819186.06 1936899.23 2756085.29

91356 Guangzhou Heng Jun 2019822.97 101124.33 2120947.3

10033 Taikang Gerbaud 1759030.61 221273.81 1980304.42

20000 Shanghai blue 1067239.78 388730.03 1455969.81

30018 Beijing Qingdao Branch 1049752.37 388219.59 1437971.96

91463 1427469.01 643.02 1428112.03 Chengdu Monternet

30003 huadongfeitian 1341198.48 79375.37 1420573.85

60004             888502.11 453214.61 1341716.> read more

Alibaba vice president Jiang Zhiqiang talk about how to achieve profitability of small and medium si

              Ali mother Xi’an station today 14 concert held in Xi’an.

              Mr. Jiang Zhiqiang to an Internet veteran status to share his advertising and marketing experience, and how the site of the mom through the platform to find their own website profit point.

              vice president of Alibaba Jiang Zhiqiang talk about how to achieve profitability of small and medium-sized websites, the full text is as follows: read more

When will you be able to start a personal online venture

When can you start a business?

divided, perhaps can be divided into several entrepreneurs:

l                feel stronger than the boss and entrepreneurial;

l                customer resource;

l              financing capacity;  

l                have the dream of getting rich;

l                want to solve a practical problem;

l                without him, only entrepreneurial zeal.

l                in the content of the carrier to make a big breakthrough, blog, video has become the mainstream of communication;

l                made a major breakthrough in the content of hezonglianheng, community search and community people’s vision expansion polymerization;

l                in the content of the theme of the combination made a major breakthrough, according to a certain theme of people, books, music, movies, etc..

in these breakthroughs at the same time, we note that the main features of the three to promote the progress of entrepreneurs is:

l              financing capacity;  

l                want to solve a practical problem. read more

8 kinds of earn money

I was not a series of

network to make money online webmaster, I have their own views:

first class work: a hot, not one of the constant one. The construction of Web site, especially the promotion of the website to invest a lot of effort, the success of the webmaster must remember such a plot: night a little more, is also the Internet bubble.

second categories: want to become a millionaire overnight through the site. People come to understand this point, and that this is not a temporary meeting of the. read more

Description of the non revenue Google Adsense ten invalid clicks

      1 the application software that is designed by using an auto click program or a special click advertisement.

      2 hire cheap labor or induce others to click on advertising links.

      3 publishers manually click ads on their pages.

      4 publishers to operate their own web pages in this way: the interaction between the user and the site lead to inadvertent ad clicks.

      5 was released to flow to the site can be purchased false extra traffic to their site to bring, including extra click on ads. read more

Do English website to get the first pot of gold

continued: do English website account with new friends to share

http://s.www.business-with-china.net (CHINA TRADE) this website started years ago, basically every day to spend a few hours on this site, the first time at the end of the day is to take a look at how GOOGLE included, how many of today’s IP, although spent so much energy, but little reward.

today as usual check IP statistics, see background there are no new messages, suddenly found another customer consultation, although usually also occasionally have several customers consulting products, but has not done a single function. See a message, but I have to see a customer release faucet products that is very interested, want to consult, then according to the customer’s EMAIL address to a letter in the past, including pictures of products, specifications, prices are similar several products together in the past, did not think second days on the back of the mail client, are satisfied with the price, and they said is the hotel chain, the amount is relatively large, and I hope we can send some samples in the past. Immediately back to the message said no problem, immediately went to the usual contact kitchenware factory, took 7 samples (with different customers in different countries of the China, 7 for them It is a lucky number, like the number 8 Chinese), and the product specification and installation and use instructions are sent in the past (we have detailed installation with the camera down). After receiving the customers expressed considerable satisfaction, a qualitative to buy more than and 40 sets, and said that after long-term cooperation can be. read more

Google Adsense income test notes two

share: old Peng recent blog (Adsense) to make money test experience:

first say my blog advertising (not like friends, you can directly pull to the end of the following summary):

1, the upper right corner of the Google search ads. (template);

2, home page on the right side of the following 250_250 ad (change the template);

3, home page on the right side of the middle of the subscription space 250_* below the ad;

4, home site information below the long ad (change template);

5, content page, the title of the article under the 250 – 250 ad; read more

Example analysis of college students what are the ways to make money in 2009

want to make money, there is definitely a method, the key is to see you as a webmaster, do not know how to practice and summarize the experience, of course, there is a very important, you can from the analysis of the successful experience of others in an effective way to make money, from the analysis of some examples in the following website, website to 2009 make money by what method:

(1) relies on high quality advertising revenue

so far many owners preferred to rely on advertising to bring a lot of income, the requirement to the quality of the site itself is very high, at least, three points is not the lack of flow rate, the audience’s consumption ability, product correlation, and the three complement each other, indispensable. Do these three points, you can bring high-quality customers for the site. read more

Taobao push to make money experience

over the past few months, I’ve been trying to push off the word, in June, one day, I played on the Baidu push the customer search a bit, if there is a push customer site.

I suggest a new friend to do one thing is to go to the Baidu search push passenger, to understand what is pushing. Then look at the Taobao http://s.taoketiantang8.tuike.cn/ station, you see, super simple.

immediately let you have a mall, to promote their own mall can make money!

my specific promotion process is introduced to you: read more

T practitioners must have 5 social skills

with the combination of social networking and business is increasingly close, people’s work is also constantly changing, especially for the support and use of social technology, social networking tools and the interactive process of IT practitioners. As the world’s elite, they work closely with the business community to guide the use and management of social tools. Therefore, IT practitioners must have certain social skills.

According to

‘s report, "re imagining the future of business IT", the cultural impact of consumer IT, including social networking, is an important factor in the business IT and the future IT industry. "Intelligent mobile phone, Facebook and the Chinese renren.com and other social networking platforms and other consumer technology products has changed people’s work, study, entertainment, consumption, sharing, conversation and organized way." The report said, these products are giving birth to a major change in culture, attitudes and working standards. read more

Online shop experience sharing

Advantages and preparation of

1 online shop

online shop is currently a popular industry in the Internet, through various types of C2C platform, without learning complex technology, you can make money through the network shop, it is the advantage of small investment, the risk is not high. Careful management, online shop to achieve monthly income of 30005000 yuan is not difficult.

shop’s business model is that you only need to publish the product to the Internet, the customer can be interested in the goods can be purchased through the network, and then by mail and other means of delivery of goods. The advantage of the shop is not need to guard at any time, business hours are very flexible, can be carried out in idle time. So the online shop can not only as a way to make money, also can do as a kind of occupation, now many students use the spare time to the operation of the shop, many professionals also use work time to set up shop, increase the income of. read more

Using the first advertising unit to effectively improve the advertising unit price

you are not in order to know how to improve the advertising unit on the site and worry about it? Then we’ll learn about this article today!

in the Google AdSense system advertising, the web page HTML code in front of the advertising unit is always the first to show the highest bid advertising. At the same time, if you don’t have enough ads on your site, the first ad unit will give priority to advertising. So if you put two ad units on your page, the ad unit in front of the HTML code is always higher than the other. read more

After 90 business circle of friends sleight of hand earn millions

Hello, because it’s too busy to write this article now, many friends add small WeChat asked if I could write an article on the Internet venture? Then I will give you write.

Internet is a magical world, with a large number of mystery, when the pony brother started you can online shopping, said: "what is this? Will not be deceptive." when the pony elder brother online shopping to the market, you can know that online shopping, but you just thought stay in the shopping, did not expect the other sellers will make money. When the pony brother online shopping to internationalize, you only see light suddenly, the original before open shop can make money, earn a lot of money or even read more

Google AdSense official blog the story of adult content

      there is often a publisher’s letter asking what is adult content, there are a lot of publishers after receiving our warning still think his website content is not adult content. Now, let’s talk about what adult content is.

      in fact, the use of inappropriate content should be easier to understand. The content of our policy is not suitable for children, including all the content is not suitable for all user groups to watch. Including:

      1 pornographic content as well as pornographic tendency text description of content, such as pornographic pictures, video, and pornography, adult fiction, etc.; read more

What types of entrepreneurs are likely to be rejected by VC

what types of entrepreneurs are likely to be rejected by VC?

The | about

, the column is two years old. I actually wrote 24 things. Writing is really a happy thing, just need to consume a lot of brain cells brewing. People say that VCs are busy making money, can write down a little, I calculate an alternative. But I need to take a break.

farewell before, by answering the question of an entrepreneur, I talk about the choice of investment considerations. In general, there are three major directions: the people, the market and the products. In my decision-making process, people are ranked first. Because the market will change, the product can be improved, and many of the characteristics of people with a lifetime. read more

4 basic skills for Taobao customers to search for keywords


is the most popular guest since 2008 Wangzhuan grassroots webmaster type, almost everyone has a Taobao guest website, day to earn one hundred yuan thousand, do not make money more, now in the Taobao customer segmentation era, how to find the best suitable keywords to determine the theme of the site is very important, determine the position and development direction your website directly. Combined with their own experience, talk about a few basic Taobao keyword search techniques.

1, familiar with read more

nnovation Valley wolf angel Zhu Bo

"wolf" angel

Angel Series innovation Valley Zhu Bo

high-profile "big" Li Kaifu, to create "innovation factory" Southern China innovation Valley Shenzhen office is "low-key", located in Shekou Sea in a two storey building in a piece of orange, next to Nanhai Avenue, erect a lot in large sign: "error in talk, hard work and prosperous". Last week, when the Nandu reporter arrived at the appointed time, seven or eight different entrepreneurial team members get to eat watermelon in the conference room while doing brainstorming, and Zhu wave is not polite, take a piece of watermelon and with everyone laughing a few words. read more