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Why do oppose all the chips West master event disputes not only from the two unreasonable

West master after the incident was exposed, quickly aroused great concern. This not only reflects the problems behind the entrepreneurs themselves, but also reveals the real concerns raised behind the public equity model. Venture capital circle CEO Li Xiaoning from the nature of the problem, about its opposition to raise public equity reasons.


titanium media started from Wudaokou in Beijing the West master hamburger shop. West master storm, co-founder of the brand originated in the West Master Xin Song recently published in the know of a Q & a "West master deadbeat, raise money how to get back?", accused the West master Meng Bing – founder of "shareholders" and "asked not to run away". It is understood titanium media, with Song Xin as the representative of the "rights" one of the major demands that the initial participation "part of shareholders to raise the public" to give up equity partnership, but behind the West master "brand of the company management has not been fulfilled; and soon, the West master Meng Bing, another CEO founder Luo Gaojing respond to the matter said" no run away ", and put forward his things are not legitimate…… read more

Lei Jun’s first talk about the entrepreneurial moments of solitude when everyone advised me to sell

2017 Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum held today "Chinese commercial heart" concert, the founder Lei Jun millet technology was invited to give a speech, and the scene of millet mode entrepreneurs accept guest questions.

mention the tuyere Theory: the outside world only to see the pig did not pay attention to

Before formally speaking

Lei theme, again referred to "stand outlet, pigs can fly, he said it had a huge impact, even in NPC and CPPCC are the prime minister keqiang. But Lei Jun also said that this sentence is to say, make enterprises not only to pull the horse, but also to look up the road. read more

Red dot venture capital Wu Feng throughout the 20 years of China’s nternet development is the under

we are in the "mobile internet interaction cycle is coming to an end, yet the rise of new interactive cycle stage, users grow more slowly, the flow of more and more expensive, so we will be new people as the main investment direction is to find new traffic from nature.

1, from history, we can see the rise and fall of

Venture capital circle

in 2016, slightly deserted and very lively: one side is broadcast, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, bicycle, etc. the concept of sharing the sea dazzling; the other side emerge in an endless stream, confusion, anxiety continues to spread. Entrepreneurs and investors like standing at the crossroads of the lost, at a loss. read more

The business APP service outsourcing innovation and the people round your entrepreneurial dream

with the rapid growth of the number of users using smart phones, the popularity of 4G networks, such as the impact of a substantial reduction in network traffic, more and more people like to use mobile internet. According to the Ministry of statistics, 2015 1-7 months, the total number of mobile Internet users increased by more than 62 million 206 thousand households, the total size of nearly 937 million households, an increase of 7.5%. The face of the mobile Internet market is so big, discerning entrepreneurs in hot pursuit of "Internet plus" pace, the use of APP opened up a new world of their own mobile Internet business, the next BAT is you? Let the A5 station network APP development business circle your entrepreneurial dream. read more

Even the storm rooted in the terminal venture capital write romance

Abstract: she is both a successful investor and a successful entrepreneur. Even the storm, since 1998, met the mobile terminal, and the indissoluble bound, she believed that the future is the sales and R & D has been rooted in the mobile terminal and intelligent terminal. Today, she not only created a few belong to their own company, but also to lead the TEM Mobile Limited in Hongkong towards internationalization, and Qualcomm reached a cooperation.

(Nafangwang hearing) the reporter had the honor to interview Ms. English together even today, Tina, a native of Szechuan, graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1990, industrial economy, finance double bachelor, is a Curve Wrecker beauty. After graduation, with the meaning of family, the inauguration of the ICBC Sichuan branch, this period as the bank’s representative, in China liquor industry leading enterprises — Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye winery, after 8 years to assist enterprise restructuring, and in 1998 on the city. read more

Actual combat cross border novice sellers to improve the conversion rate of four essential points

[Abstract] the fiery cross-border electricity supplier, attracted a large number of new sellers eager, which about how to improve the conversion rate of many novice sellers shop is often distressing thing, how can we improve the conversion rate of the store, to get more profits, will store development better. Please look at the small book with Hugo to see how fast selling university lecturer is how to share.

novice sellers are very focused on the conversion rate of the store, only after the conversion rate, in order to get more profit margins. The course for novice sellers, from the conversion of the four parts to explain. read more

Today the new three board layered system on the implementation of the not on here are some small su

today (June 27th), the official implementation of the new three board market layered system. In fact, in May 27th this year, after the fall of the hierarchical policy, the new three board market performance in general, especially the market index has been low innovation.

on Friday (June 24th) evening, the stock transfer system announced the official list of three new board innovation layer, 953 companies in the column, compared with the results of the initial screening of the 920 in June 18th, a slight adjustment. read more

By Chinese Entrepreneurs don’t overthrow BAT three mountains the next dead is you

Abstract: with Baidu, Ali and Tencent led by internet giants are taking advantage of the layout of the entire Internet entrepreneurship track, has become the mobile Internet era of the big business. , including BAT monopoly, including the plight of Chinese entrepreneurs may not only these.

now 11 double from the electricity supplier to create a festival, became the voice of carnival. In addition to the party, encourage consumption is drying data. Double 11 Tmall sales break 91 billion 200 million yuan, Ali Hyun Hyun data of pride, poor Jingdong dare Hyun Hyun customer price 800 yuan. Behind the disparity between the numbers, but I saw some regrets and worries Chinese Internet business. Ali in this mountain, Jingdong this tree is about swing, not to mention the situation of countless entrepreneurs. After 11 years, the way I see the net is the Chinese entrepreneurs who blood Lin Lin wound. read more

When the venture into the occupation which is the best result of each one takes what he needs

Abstract: the entrepreneurial heat reaches a peak, then cooling is normal. Because the best is not the best, but the best is the ending. Don’t ever think we can run away, every step of our life is the end of our journey.

entrepreneurship is a way of life, which is the same as eating, sleeping, playing games, but a living, if it is a dream that drive, subjective feel all the hard work worth it; if we are to make a living, it is a kind of simple and understandable reasons, helpless.

After all, read more

Sylvia 10W reading microphone Mongolia why frequently been torn

Abstract: the tear forced war off microphone Mongolia and because "now why popular sleeping ugly force?!" in an article to Gao Xiaosong, Huang Bo, Baoqiang Wang, Wowkie Zhang, Zhang Yishan and others with "ugly force" label again by netizens to denounce.

recently, "poison chicken soup" leader microphone Mongolia once again become a "hand" of the people.

The source of

was torn, conform to the trend of patriotism is Amy Mongolia wrote "forever patriotic, forever in your eyes". This is a full of positive energy but because of the previous article, was Bachu and contradictory statements are from slapping too. So, the pony song, Wang 54 tweets and others have been criticized, and gave her the crown on the "patriotic bitch" name. read more

2016 to find their true self

The twenty-second line

League big coffee share, March book "invited preferred giver" translation of the author Zhang Dazhi, share the essence of the book, the theme of "2016 business, truly find yourself". The teacher is the Entrepreneur Alliance mutual ambition "entrepreneurial class" founder, eight years of sales, three years of enterprise human resources management consulting

, five years!

Zhang Dazhi:

thank you very much for Mowgli brother gave me this opportunity to share a "giver" the main contents about my latest translation in the league, I will share some of my reading experience, including some practical examples. read more

The market for this business rookie Huang Xiaochu may be a step too late

Abstract: "love in the first is feelings, if the market is almost the same, how long you can keep the heat


Huang Lei, the teacher is no longer a small meat, a family of four, sent a blessing, the happiness of a family union, in Beijing this summer, the first wave of high temperature SOHO Sanlitun sinking square.

likes to cook is Huang Lei has been the label, and turned yellow chef may be largely due to a love of eating. To catch up with the content of entrepreneurship tide, he set up a team to do the same public number, send cooking tutorials, hair life so far — "Huang Xiaochu" is to create a brand, "a way of life", and they put the logo line to the market, one day in July on the first line under the market activities. read more

Li Kaifu is past or still had 17 months away from innovation works miss what

Abstract: some people say, Li Kaifu is already in the past, some people think that Li Kaifu got it, then, the return of Li Kaifu can make innovation works as one of the best investment institutions China early? All this may need time to verify.

bid farewell to Beijing for up to 17 months, Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu finally came back on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015.

Li Kaifu disclosed a number of innovative workshops business progress: a total of 150 companies before and after investment, of which about $100 million more than the valuation of nearly $20. Li Kaifu said, this is not a very easy thing, we are proud of the future will be better." read more

Give money to answer Know almost live the answer is to pay the mode of innovation or want money cr

just from the media people who work hard in their public and groups of fans, channels and methods for content realized tossing and turning when a more "simply brutal" money "knowledge channel sales realization, come quietly. Nowadays become the topic of the "knowledge on live", "good" and "should" suddenly maxed circle of friends, users have lamented, only need to answer the question, you can make money lying at home "," this is the most direct presentation of knowledge economy ", even the playwright, network Reds the parrot Shi Hang also experienced personally paid questions, and lamented the night sleep, woke up and found himself sustained income growth, this way of life lay money, good suddenly. My question was eavesdropping on tens of thousands of people, do not know who they are, they just give me money." read more

Dialogue father of srael venture entrepreneurs should dare to trial and error


, the father of Israeli entrepreneurship YossiSina

Technology Liu can


is meet by chance in the street, the "old man of Israel" potbellied ugly in appearance may not attract your attention.

but his reputation in the field of science and technology, especially the business circle almost no one knows, his entrepreneurial story not only word of mouth in Israel for young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs become a spiritual idol but also globally.

he AI and host in the Boao forum is funny, said Chinese really is a "detective" spirit. He was 71 years old in the dialogue by the audience full of wit and humour, bursts of laughter. read more

How to make 2000 young women crazy

said that if Ma by a group of "Prodigal girls" the achievements of Ali, then Zhang Huan is by a group of crazy "a beautiful young woman" the achievements of mad honey. Set up more than half a year, crazy honey valuation has soared from 20 million to 300 million. However, Zhang Huan’s purpose is more than that. He wants to make mad honey a religion. How exactly is he going to go to the end of the


, one of the thousands of Chinese communities, is made up of young women. Since its inception in November 2014, only 2000 members of the crazy honey paid. Why so little? Look at the conditions for membership: first-tier cities, more than tens of millions of assets; the two or three line of the city, more than 3 million of assets. Not only that, members also need to have a high value, and like to enjoy life. read more

Four details of the breast health net no longer shrinking

every woman wants to have a slim figure, but at the same time, slimming, often chest also shrink, often plagued women. Although the chest is not the first victim, but we have a way to make it do not lose fat, SIZE is not small, of course, as long as you pay attention to the following four details.

1, let

details become Huhuashizhe breast bodybuilding chest.

do you know who is guarding our breasts silently? It is the pectoralis major, which is located below the breast, connected to the shape of the breast. Imagine, if we let the chest more plump and firm, is not like a substantial foundation? Like breast augmentation surgery is inserted into a medium, and the chest exercise is to let the body’s muscles to grow up and become "medium". read more

Twelve year old girl breast development slow how to do female health network

some girls will pay special attention to their appearance, especially the chest. But you know that breast development needs to start from the child to make up. Slow development of the girl breast how to do? 12 years old is very important for the development of the chest. However, we do not have a good understanding of breast enhancement methods. Here we take a look at the slow development of the girl breast how to do?

slow breast development how to do

12 year old girl with slow breast development can try acupuncture breast. Acupuncture breast enhancement can regulate qi and blood, to provide blood for the breast, breast to get enough nutrition, you can let the breast growth and development. Acupuncture breast enhancement has two characteristics. First of all, this method has no side effects, in order to ensure the health of the chest at the same time, the use of acupuncture points to stimulate the acupuncture point, so that the full development of the chest, do not require oral or surgery, you can rest assured that treatment. read more

Women how to judge whether there is health network female accessory

accessory is formed?

from the womb of milk bring. In the sixth week embryos, embryo only a little more than 1 cm, the trunk of both sides of the ventral ectoderm cells, thickening of the formation of ridged, equivalent to the armpit to the groin of the two curved line, a ridge called Shengru line line, there are many breast primordial.

as a result of people generally only one or two births, do not need a lot of breast, so only a pair of breasts before the beginning of the breast to continue to develop, forming a nipple bud. Three months into the embryo, the formation of the mammary duct. The rest of the mammary glands gradually subsided after ninth weeks. Such as incomplete degradation, is the formation of excess breast after birth, is called on medicine two or more breast disease. read more