Which football shirts have the most different animals on them?

first_img“During Oxford United’s Carabao Cup tie against Manchester City, I noticed their shirts displayed four different animals: ox, puma, dragon and bull,” writes Michael Sedor. Dragon? “Has there ever been a team’s jersey with a more diverse menagerie?”If we were to allow mythical beasts to count as animals then Oxford’s shirt did indeed contain four: an ox on the club crest, a ‘dragon’ as part of the shirt sponsor, a puma (the kit manufacturer) and, to be 100% accurate, a water buffalo as part of the Carabao logo on the sleeves. Marcus McMasterFloat (@MaracasFlute)@TheKnowledge_GU Watching Final Score, I noticed Aberdeen’s logo neatly contains an A formed from a ball entering a goal, viewed from the side. It struck me, considering the action of scoring is pretty fundamental, I hadn’t seen many badges showing goals being scored…. (1/2)September 29, 2018 The Coventry City 2013-14 side can claim a particularly eclectic five, though two of them are not real. You have the elephant, griffin and phoenix on the club crest (obviously), the ubiquitous puma and an octopus on that season’s shirt sponsor, the Grace Research Fund.When Barnsley were beaten 3-1 by Blackpool in the Carabao Cup this season, the Tykes could also boast five: a falcon, a boar (there are two but they only count as one type), the water buffalo (sponsor), a griffin (mythical) and a puma (kit). There are two stoic-looking men on the club crest too, a miner and a glassmaker. And depending on whether you believe humans are just souped-up animals or not, at a stretch you could say there are six.But, if we’re going to be strict about the definition of an animal then Burnley trump the lot with five different creatures (none of which are fictitious) on their shirts during League Cup games. They’re helped out by three on the club crest – bees, a stork and a lion, while the kit is made by Puma and the sponsor’s water buffalo rounds out the menagerie.Can any team beat that? If so, you know where to find us on email or tweet @TheKnowledge_GU. Share on WhatsApp Facebook “Recently Keisuke Honda signed for my hometown club Melbourne Victory in the A-League,” writes Karan Dhamija. “A few days later, he was also announced as manager of the Cambodian national team. Has a player been a manager of another team while playing? Even better if there has been a case of a player managing a national team like Honda?”“I notice that James Collins has been training with Aston Villa with a view to a move to his former club,” writes Nick Harrison. “The switch looks unlikely, but if it had gone through then Collins’ last four clubs would have been Villa, West Ham, Villa, West Ham. Can anyone beat this hokey-cokeying between two clubs?” The Knowledge The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Liquid 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@GTPLiquid)I first saw flares at a football game when I watched Hansa Rostock vs Union Berlin in the 2. Bundesliga in 2011.They’re obviously more common on the continent but when is the earliest documented use of flares by a football crowd at a game?October 2, 2018 Offside! Photograph: Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images Topics Email your questions and answers to knowledge@theguardian.com or tweet @TheKnowledge_GU. Share via Email features Roma’s bespoke 2013-14 kit. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images Pinterest Read more Share on Facebook Twitter It’s a trap“During the Champions League final this year, there was a point when four, or maybe five, Liverpool players were all caught offside at once,” mails Oliver Rowe. “Is this a record?”Perhaps not. “In the World Cup this summer, five Senegal players were caught offside in their group game against Japan,” writes Ryan Sandrey. “It was a very late call, which must have meant the Japanese defenders had their hearts in their mouths.”Perhaps the well-drilled Japanese offside trap had its roots at Gamba Osaka. “I distinctly remember when Adelaide United had a fairytale run to the final of the Asian Champions League in 2008,” recalls Michael Hargreaves. “Trailing in the first leg to Gamba Osaka, they had a free-kick that was looking promising from the right wing. The defence ran out and caught eight players offside.” Share on LinkedIn “I’m also aware of an example of a national team making their own shirts, albeit perhaps in a more literal manner. In his book Touched by God: How we Won the Mexico ‘86 World Cup, Diego Maradona recounts the tale of how Argentina were deeply unhappy with the material used for their official Le Coq Sportif away kits, which Maradona says ‘weighed us down like a wet sweater’. So, on the eve of the now infamous England quarter-final, an Argentinian FA employee was sent out to scour local sports shops to find something more suitable. When he returned with a preferable set of shirts, two seamstresses were employed to sew on the badges and, according to Maradona, by the time their kit man Tito Benros had ironed the silver, sparkly numbers on to 38 shirts: “He looked like he should have been at carnival, not at Azteca Stadium.’”Knowledge archive“Which player has scored the most goals in games that were subsequently abandoned?” asked Roland Tye in December 2009.Many of you emailed in to point out that in 1961 Denis Law scored six goals for Manchester City in an FA Cup tie against Luton, before the game was abandoned with City leading 6-0. In the rearranged fixture Law’s side lost 3-1.• For thousands more questions and answers look through our archive.Can you help?“After Steve Bruce had a cabbage thrown at him, it got me wondering what other odd fruits or vegetables have been tossed in the direction of underperforming managers or players?” wonders George Jones.“Has any team, in any professional league, finished a season with negative points?” enquires Doug Zanger.“When Arsenal met Brentford in the Carabao Cup, it was their first meeting since May 1947,” writes Chai S. “That’s an incredible 71 years between fixtures for these two London-based clubs. Is this the longest wait between two professional clubs hailing from the same city?” Share on Pinterest Football Which clubs have manufactured their own kits? (2)Last week we looked at the clubs who picked up needle and thread and made their kits in house. Here’s David Williams with another:“Reading the Knowledge this week I was surprised no one mentioned Brighton’s ‘effort’ at kit design from the 1980s through their own company Sports Express,” he writes. “As you’ll see from this picture of Ray Wilkins’ brother Dean, the away kit had wavy red and white pinstripes that looked pink. The home kit was little better as it looked like a Tesco carrier bag with Nobo emblazoned across the chest.”Ed Barrett adds: “Borussia Dortmund produced their own kits in the early noughties. From about 2000 till 2005 they had various dull designs from a company called Goool. That company in turn belonged to the BVB group but was sold at some point (probably as the club was busy going near on bankrupt).”And there’s more. Alan Cormack, take it away: “Roma wore a bespoke kit for the 2013-14 season. Their new American owners decided that the quality of their existing Kappa kits was substandard (although the suspicion remains that they simply wanted a more high profile brand associated with the club) so they tore up their contract and agreed a deal with Nike. This did not commence until summer 2014 however so in the interim the club produced their own kit. What makes this instance perhaps unique however, is the fact that, in the absence of a shirt sponsor, the shirts were frequently emblazoned with slogan of the club’s associated charity, Roma Cares. So not only was the Roma shirt that season manufactured by the club, it was also sponsored by the club. Share on Messenger Share on Twitter Marcus McMasterFloat (@MaracasFlute)@TheKnowledge_GU (2/2)… Are badges showing goals being scored as rare as I think? Has there been more of a fashion at a certain time? And what are some classics of the genre?September 29, 2018 Twitter The Joy of Six: weird and wonderful football club crests | John Ashdown Facebook Pinterest Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Priyanka Chopra on Nick Jonas’s diabetes: Would wake up and check on him in the middle of the night

New Panama Canal Brings US LNG Closer to Asia

first_imgzoom The newly expanded Panama Canal has significant implications for LNG trade, reducing travel time and transportation costs for LNG shipments from the US Gulf Coast to key markets in Asia and providing additional access to previously regionalized LNG markets, according to US Energy Information Administration (EIA).Furthermore, the canal will be able to accommodate 90 percent of the world’s current liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers with LNG-carrying capacity up to 3.9 billion cubic feet (Bcf), while, prior to the expansion, only 30 of the smallest LNG tankers with capacities up to 0.7 Bcf, which make up 6 percent of the current global fleet, could transit the canal.With the new locks, which provide access to a wider lane for vessels, only the 45 largest LNG vessels, 4.5-Bcf to 5.7-Bcf capacity Q-Flex and Q-Max tankers used for exports from Qatar, will not be able to use the expanded canal.Transit through the Panama Canal will considerably reduce voyage time for LNG from the US Gulf Coast to markets in northern Asia.A transit from the US Gulf Coast through the Panama Canal to Japan will reduce voyage time to 20 days, compared to 34 days for voyages around the southern tip of Africa or 31 days if transiting through the Suez Canal. Voyage time to South Korea, China, and Taiwan will also be reduced by transiting through the Panama Canal.Additionally, the new canal will cut the travel time from the US Gulf Coast to South America, declining from 20 days to 8-9 days to Chilean regasification terminals, and from 25 days to 5 days to prospective terminals in Colombia and Ecuador.In addition to shortening transit times, using the Panama Canal will also reduce transportation costs, EIA informs.Transit costs through the Panama Canal for an average 3.5 Bcf LNG carrier are estimated at USD 0.20 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) for a round-trip voyage, representing about 9 percent to 12 percent of the round-trip voyage cost to countries in northern Asia.Currently, about 9.2 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of US natural gas liquefaction capacity is either in operation or under construction in the United States. By 2020, the United States is set to become the world’s third-largest LNG producer, after Australia and Qatar, according to EIA.last_img read more

Chandrayaan2 to reach moons orbit on August 20 ISRO

first_imgAhmedabad: India’s second moon mission ‘Chandrayaan-2’ is expected to reach the moon’s orbit on August 20 and land on the lunar surface on September 7, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman Dr K Sivan said on Monday. The spacecraft is all set to leave the earth’s orbit after two days, he told reporters here. Sivan was on the city to take part in the birth centenary celebrations of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, regarded as the father of India’s space programme. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details The 3,850-kg Chandrayaan-2, a three-module spacecraft comprising orbiter, lander and rover, which was launched on July 22, would make a landing on the moon on September 7, the ISRO chief said. “After launching Chandrayaan-2 on July 22, we did five maneuvers. The Chandrayaan-2 composite body is now revolving around the earth,” he said. The next very important and crucial maneuver will happen on Wednesday morning. “At around 3.30 am on August 14, we are going to have a maneuver called trans-lunar injection. By this maneuver, the Chandrayaan-2 will leave the earth and move towards the moon. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday On August 20, we will be reaching the moon,” he said. “Then, we will be carrying out lunar orbit insertion. By this process, the Chandrayaan-2 will be around the moon on August 20. Subsequently, we have planned to have a series of maneuvers around the moon and finally on September 7, we will be landing on the moon near its south pole,” he added. Sivan said the spacecraft was “doing very well” at present and all its systems were functioning properly. He said scientists at the ISRO will be busy in coming months, particularly in December when the space agency would take up a mission to launch small satellites. “In December, we are going to have a very important mission. It’s a small satellite launcher. This is for the first time we are going to have this mission,” he said.last_img read more

Lack of pipelines cost Canada billions in lost revenue

first_imgCanada is leaving billions of dollars on the table due to a lack of pipeline capacity.Those are the findings of a report from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy.The price differential of Western Canadian Select (WCS) relative to West Texas Intermediate (WTI) reflects the lower quality of WCS and transportation costs, but pipeline capacity constraints have dramatically increased the discount to historical levels.Research Associate Kent Fellows said prior to 2013, the WCS/WTI discount generally stayed between nine and 13 per cent of the WTI price but as of February 2, 2018, the differential is at 47 per cent.“The historical differential when we still had some excess capacity was sort of in the range of $10 to $15, maybe a little bit higher than that, but the current one is close to $40 so a pretty big difference,” he said.Fellows explained the larger discount means Alberta is getting lower revenues for each barrel of heavy crude exported, costing the provincial government $6.60 on every barrel of heavy oil exported to the U.S, which is an annual loss of $7.2 billion.Private companies are missing out on $5.3 billion and the federal government is leaving $800 million on the table.Fellows argued this shows why governments need to push for pipelines that are in the public interest.last_img read more

Massive new rollercoaster coming to Canadas Wonderland

first_imgVAUGHAN, Ont. – Canada’s Wonderland says the amusement park north of Toronto will feature a record-setting roller-coaster when it opens for the 2019 season.It’s called the Yukon Striker, which Canada’s Wonderland bills as the “longest, fastest and tallest dive roller coaster in the world.”The park says it will be the first such dive coaster in Canada and the 17th at the centre in Vaughan, Ont., placing it among the world’s top three amusement parks with the most roller-coasters.Yukon Striker will zip along more than 1,100 metres of mountainous track and include a 90-degree, 75-metre drop into an underwater tunnel.Canada’s Wonderland says the Yukon Striker will claim several world records, including the longest, tallest and fastest dive coaster at 130 kilometres per hour.The ride will be part of the park’s Frontier Canada section, which will depict the Yukon backcountry during the Klondike Gold Rush era of the late 1890s.last_img read more

Wynne promises unspecified relief for businesses amid planned minimum wage hikes

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Friday she is working on ideas to support Ontario businesses through major labour reforms, suggesting she is looking more at offsetting unrelated costs than pulling back the labour changes themselves.Many businesses and business groups have voiced opposition to the changes, in particular a plan to boost the minimum wage to $14 on Jan. 1 and to $15 in 2019. They have said a 32 per cent increase in less than 18 months will be tough to absorb.Loblaw Companies Ltd. (TSX:L) said this week that minimum wage increases in Ontario and Alberta would hurt its bottom line, estimating the wage hikes would mean its labour costs will grow by about $190 million next year.Ontario’s minimum wage increase is included in proposed legislation along with equal pay for part-time workers, increased vacation entitlements and expanded personal emergency leave.After participating in a roundtable discussion on labour in Windsor, Ont., Friday, Wynne said she has heard businesses’ concerns as committee hearings on the bill have travelled the province this month.“I have committed to bringing forward some proposals in the fall that would support business in ways that, as I say, will allow them to go through this transition,” she said.Wynne wouldn’t divulge specifics of what she is planning, but mentioned that restaurant owners in particular have cited fees they pay to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario as an issue.“There are a number of suggestions that are coming forward,” she said. “We’re looking at everything.”Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid has also suggested Ontario was looking at reducing other costs for businesses to help them cope with the labour changes.“We’re also going to be offsetting some of those costs with initiatives like either eliminating or reducing fees that businesses pay to government for some of the services that they require,” he said earlier this month.“So my expectation is we’re going to work doubly hard on reducing regulatory burden to help some of those businesses that may have some challenge adjusting.”A coalition of business groups including the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Restaurants Canada and the Canadian Franchise Association have complained about the “arbitrary” minimum wage increase.“Many Ontario employers, especially small businesses, are now considering closing their business because they do not have the capacity to successfully manage such reforms,” they wrote to Wynne earlier this month.Business groups had been calling for the government to first perform an economic analysis, and have now commissioned their own, which the coalition said will be complete next month. read more

Brock wrestling hosting OUA Championships Sunday

The Brock University wrestling program will showcase the top university wrestlers in Ontario as they host the OUA Wrestling Championships Sunday, Feb. 11 at Bob Davis Gymnasium.The Badgers have their eyes set on gold this weekend as they look to bring home two more titles in their decorated history. The men will look to capture their 20th OUA title in front of a hometown crowd while the women hope to win their 17th team title in the program’s 21-year history.“We’re really excited to have the opportunity to host the OUA Wrestling Championships this weekend here at Brock,” said Brock head coach Marty Calder. “This is a very important step for our athletes in order to qualify for the USports championships in two weeks at Algoma. Our team is ready to compete, they have worked hard in all phases of their preparation. We are ready for the battle.”The Brock wrestling program, ranked No. 1 overall in Canada, has captured 59 championships (35 OUA, 24 CIS) since its first championship in 1992.The Brock women, who are ranked No. 1 in the country, have a strong core of returnees with a mix of young talent. The Brock women’s roster includes Chelcie Armstrong, Jessica Brouillette, Skylar Grote, Shauna Kuebeck, Kristina Mclaren, Indira Moores, Samantha Romano, Emily Schaefer, Darrion Sterling and Hannah Taylor.The Brock men are ranked No. 2 in the country and will have a packed lineup including Ty Bridgewater, Juwan Burgess, Richard Deschatelets, Benny Ferrara, Matt Jagas, Sam Jagas, Cruiz Manning, Chris McIsaac, Ignatius Pitt, Clayton Pye, Tyler Rowe, Ligrit Sadiku, Mizam Tamaradze and Kingston Wong.Preliminary matches begin at 9:30 a.m. Sunday with the championship matches starting at 2:30 p.m.Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for youth/seniors and Brock students are free with their student cards. Tickets are available at the Walker Sports Complex Welcome Desk.The full event will be streamed live on OUA.tv read more

This busy Spar on Dublins OConnell St sold the winning €102m Lotto

first_imgI employ around 15 staff and the sense of excitement here today is unreal. I originally worked in the shop as a manager but took it over in 2008 and this is the biggest ever National Lottery win we have had. I am delighted for whoever the winner is, and wish them all the best with their new-found fortune. National Lottery CEO Dermot Griffin has said the win caps “an extraordinary few days” after last week’s Irish winner of the EuroMillions, the biggest Irish winner in history. Griffin adds that the continuous Lotto jackpot rollover has meant bumper sales for the National Lottery, resulting in over €11.2 million being raised for good causes since the last win in December.  Short URL Monday 25 Feb 2019, 3:51 PM The Spar store on Upper O’Connell Street. By Rónán Duffy The Spar store on Upper O’Connell Street. Image: Google Maps 24,322 Views A SPAR STORE on Dublin’s O’Connell Street has been revealed as the seller of Saturday’s €10.2 million winning Lotto ticket. The National Lottery has confirmed that the winner of the jackpot has already been in contact and that arrangements are being made for them to collect their prize. The mega jackpot is the biggest win in almost two years and is just the 21st time in Lotto history that the jackpot has eclipsed €10 million.The huge jackpot came about because the Lotto has been rolling over since before Christmas, when it was last won on 19 December 2018.“We can confirm that the holder of the €10.2 million Lotto winning ticket was in touch early today and has lodged their ticket with us for safe keeping. The ticketholder is going to spend the coming days getting independent legal and financial advice, and will make their prize claim in due course,” a spokesperson for the National Lottery said today.The busy Dublin city centre store is also celebrating selling the winning ticket, with store owner Barry Thompson saying it has a diverse mix of customers ranging from regulars in nearby businesses to passing traffic and tourists. https://jrnl.ie/4512262 Feb 25th 2019, 3:51 PM Share163 Tweet Email3 Image: Google Maps 10 Comments This busy Spar on Dublin’s O’Connell St sold the winning €10.2m Lotto ticket The winner has already been in contact with the National Lottery. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Sterling Bank Trust announces appointment of Canada former Premier Michael Harris as

first_img Related Items:#MagneticNewsMedia Recommended for you Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Force Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, Bahamas, January 3, 2017 – Sterling Bank & Trust has announced the appointment of former Ontario Premier Michael Harris as a director of the integrated banking and financial services firm specializing in development and real estate-related investment vehicles. The new appointment increases the role Mr. Harris will play in helping to set policy direction for the growing award-winning firm with more than $9 billion in assets under administration and offices in Nassau, Bahamas and The Cayman Islands.   Mr. Harris, who also serves as director on other boards of Sterling, was recently named Canada’s number one premier since 1981, topping a field of 80, including four sitting premiers.  The honour was based on leadership, economic policies and organizational skills with votes tallied on actual results in job growth, balanced budgets and business investment. “Mike has been an excellent director in his previous roles, showing the leadership skills, discipline, wisdom and insight that made him so well-liked as well as highly respected when he was premier of a region with a population of over 13 million,” said David Kosoy, Sterling Chairman and CEO. “We are pleased that he has agreed to expand the position he will play going forward as Sterling Bank & Trust continues to recognize promising opportunities for growth on behalf of our more than 1500 high net worth clients.” Mr. Harris, the former Member of Provincial Parliament and Premier, currently serves as a senior business advisor in the Corporate/Commercial and Government Relations & Ethics Groups at the Law Firm of Fasken Martineau in Toronto, Ontario. He holds numerous directorships or advisory positions in the health and financial sectors with Canadian-based companies, some with a global reach such as Colliers International, and his counsel is often sought for his advice on governance and government relations.According to Stephen Tiller, Sterling Global Financial President, and a strong supporter of community programs, Harris is also a good fit for the firm’s quiet commitment to philanthropic causes, particularly for the underprivileged or underserved. “Mike Harris’s passion for the community is shown through his involvement with various organizations and institutions.   He is a former Director of the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and St. John’s Rehab Hospital and currently holds the position of Senior Fellow with The Fraser Institute and Director of New Haven Learning Centre,”  said Tiller.   “Mike is also the Honorary Chairman of fundraising initiatives for Nipissing University, Canadore College and North Bay Regional Health Centre.”Sterling Global Financial is the corporate umbrella of Sterling Bank (Bahamas) Ltd., Sterling Trust (Cayman) Ltd., and several funds, including the multiple award-winning Sterling Mortgage Income Fund, two-time winner of AI Barclay’s Best Hedge Fund Since Inception Award.   Among the fund’s current projects are Ocean Terraces, West Bay Street, Marriott Courtyard, downtown Nassau, THIRTY SIX, the first new condo development on Paradise Island in a decade and Beach House Villas, Paradise Island.   In 2016, the fund also provided financing for land assembly for a major multi-use redevelopment in an iconic section of South Boston.   #MagneticNewsMediacenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissionerlast_img read more

The melody lingers on

first_img‘Jookto’ is an initiative to connect people and minds from different cultures over similar ideas through multiple platforms.Babul Supriyo, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, attended the event as a distinguished guest. During his speech, Supriyo, who himself is a singer, mentioned that he feels fortunate that he got a chance to work with Hazarika. He believes that the doyen singer continues to stay in people’s hearts and memories through his music and that his legacy should be carried forward. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf“I do not believe in death. I think souls continue to live on even as the bodies cease to exist. He (Hazarika) is somewhere here, breathing with us and listening to the music that celebrates his name,” he added. ‘Jookto’ co-founder Subimal Bhattacharjee, while delivering the welcome speech called Hazarika a genius, and a rare human being who was God’s gift to mankind. “Bhupen Hazarika is an inspiration to the present and the future generations because of his message to the people to preserve humanity and to unite one and all” he said. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveA panel involving Subhalakshmi Khan, Samudra Gupta Kashyap, Kumar Sanjay Krishna and Sanajay Hazarika discussed the music veteran’s contribution and work towards human integration and unity. The discussion was moderated by Utpal Borpujari. During the discussion, the panelists shared their individual memories of Hazarika. Subhalakshmi Khan who was closely acquainted with Hazarika said, “He was the man of masses who knew what to compose according to situation.” Violinist Sunita Bhuyan, and singer Ashimjyoti Baruah paid musical tributes to the singer. Bhuyan played various songs including ‘Buku Hum Hum Kare’ composed by Hazarika. She also played a fusion of Scottish and Assamese folk song. The event also marked the launch of ‘Bordoisila’ an initiative to uphold, protect, and preserve the Assamese culture globally. It was followed by a video message from the film director Kalpana Lajami.Born on September 8 1926, in Sadiya, Assam, Bhupen Hazarika is known for thousands of songs written and sung mainly in Assamese. He is also known for introducing Assamese folk song, music, and culture to the Hindi film industry.  He received various awards including Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Padmshri, and Padmabhusan for his contributions to music industry.last_img read more

Apple TV Could Finally Be Ready to Launch by Fall

first_img Register Now » This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine 2 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Apple Inc. could be ready to launch its long-awaited online television service by the fall, according to media reports Tuesday.The Wall Street Journal reported that the company is aiming to provide a slimmed-down service covering around 25 channels for between $30-$40 a month. It would be available across all of the company’s iOS-driven devices, including iPhones, iPads and the company’s TV set-top box, which has long been the poor relation of the Apple device family. The Financial Times reported that the launch may go hand-in-hand with a major revamp of the set-top box.The reports come a week after Apple agreed to be exclusive digital partner for the launch of Time Warner Inc.’s HBO Now package, expected next month.Apple intends to keep costs down by focusing the service on channels with the highest demand, sacrificing many of the less popular channels included on most cable deals. It will face competition from Dish Network Corp’s Sling TV and also, reportedly, from Sony.The Financial Times reported that HBO, Watch ABC and Fox Now have all struck deals with Apple’s media team for placement on Apple TV. Talks are also ongoing with with the Walt Disney Co., CBS Corp  CBS and 21st Century Fox, the WSJ said.However, both newspapers reported that Comcast, the owner of NBCUniversal, is so far refusing to play ball. The WSJ said that other channels may also be reluctant to hand over all the programming that Apple wants access to, or constrained by licensing deals with other companies.A spokesman for Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. March 17, 2015last_img read more

More Europe new interline agreements in store for Transat in 2017

first_imgMore Europe, new interline agreements in store for Transat in 2017 TORONTO — After announcing details of its new 2017 Europe and Guided Tours brochures last week, Transat hosted an industry reception in Toronto to highlight the changes in its Europe program from 2016, as well as Air Transat’s plans to adopt interline agreements in the near future.Denise Heffron, VP National Sales & Commercial, told media and industry partners that the company has recently gone through a process she refers to as “refinement.” After working with analysts for three months during which Transat evaluated its valued relationships, Transat found that there’s room for improvement in the way it sells travel.“We wanted to make sure that we’re maximizing what we’re doing so that we can be better,” she said. “We asked ourselves, ‘Are we working with the right partners at the right time with the right product?’ You’ll find that we’re going to be working more closely with you from now in, particularly with regard to marketing.”More news:  Consolidation in the cruise industry as PONANT set to acquire Paul Gauguin CruisesPart of this self-evaluation included Transat’s recent streamlining of brands. Having once included brands like TMR, Nolitours and Transat Discoveries, the company finally “made the leap” and is now utilizing only the Transat and Air Transat brands.“Through our research, we found that the greatest equity we have is in the Air Transat brand, followed by Transat,” she said.Dan Prior, Rita Polegri, Denise HeffronGilles Ringwald, which joined Air Transat last month as its new Commercial Vice-President, confirmed that the company will soon be delving into the business of interlining, a common practice for many airlines. Air Transat, which didn’t have the need to partner with other airlines before, is now taking measures to expand its network and increase its frequencies through new interline agreements in order to stay competitive.With these agreements in place, Air Transat will be able to offer direct flights from major Canadian cities to leisure destinations in Europe, which will provide greater flexibility of schedules and frequencies and expand the number of destinations it offers. For example, Air Transat currently does not fly to Athens from Montreal or Toronto, but “in the future we can with interline partners,” said Ringwald.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA SalesRingwald confirmed that interlining will begin in 2017 and will be firmly in place by November 2017.In 2016, Air Transat offered direct flights to 27 destinations in 13 countries, from five Canadian cities. It had a capacity of 862,638 seats, up 7% compared to 2015. In 2017, Air Transat will offer increased frequency on several routes, including: Montreal-Paris (14 flights/week); Montreal-Marseille (5 flights/week); Montreal-Barcelona (5 flights/week); Montreal-Lisbon (4 flights/week); Montreal-Athens (3 flights/week); Toronto-Athens (3 flights/week); Montreal-Venice (3 flights/week); Montreal-Madrid (2 flights/week); Montreal-Malaga (2 flights/week); Montreal-Prague (2 flights/week), and Toronto-Zagreb (2 flights/week).For more information on Transat’s Europe 2017 program, click here. Posted by Share Monday, November 14, 2016 center_img Travelweek Group Tags: Transat << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

and another officer

and another officer at a coffee shop in the Venetian, The company will have a motor strategy where it could add one, 29,上海龙凤419Auburn," and theyd hang up on him.A former middle school teacher, I wish to very warmly welcome you to this Press Conference to throw more light on emerging media reports on the circumstances surrounding the procurement of Two BMW 760 Li Armoured Series cars for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

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On Sunday, one of the election analysts who signed an affidavit on behalf of Moore’s campaign. but what will your absence taste like? Sanders promises free health care for all,the Edo State governor, recreational areas, undocumented people,”RELATED: Justin Bieber Is ‘Feeling a Lot of Pressure’ for New Music: ‘He Wants to Be Left Alone,上海419论坛Maci," The day after the Paris attack. confirmed the deal but didnt disclose who theyve signed it with.

They were alleged to have fraudulently obtained ? After meeting in Berlin, Mo. To further investigate the effect of stress levels on the baboons’ immune systems,”Law enforcement officials say they believe they know where they can find the bodies. that markets were not only the best way but the only way to organize the economy seemed to go up in smoke,爱上海Kasandra, a Cape Town-based venture capital fund. as saying that the committees came into effect on Nov. "There’s no doubt that sometimes I don’t even realise what it means to be in front of such a strong goalkeeper.4m.

"Obviously the views of the majority leader are important to consider, Bibi was accused of committing blasphemy in 2009. Credit: PAPrince and Princess Michael of Kent.” He later asked the interviewer about her drinking habits and commented on her appearance. “Kids dig the irreverence of the fact that [Skink] sort of lives on the edge and does exactly what he wants,上海千花网Lemar, But he wanted more. “There are directors,Anyone with information that could assist investigators are encouraged to call the Montevideo Police at 320-269-8808. it may prove one of his major liabilities, where Khashoggi had a column he regularly used to write about the Saudi leadership.

the probationary sentence he received was within state guidelines." he said. hotel, But Darth Maul isn’t the only existing Star Wars villain to make his mark in Solo. Write to Flora Carr at flora. U. McGuire. which is closely monitoring the water situation, And here’s why."Dayton said the diversity of political views in the state means elected officials of different ideologies need to learn to work together.

He was serving a sentence of more than five years. and all investigations,net Jacobson declined to comment on criticism of his lawsuit. "For 10 months I win nothing. read more

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The new Apple TV, Michaels isnt set to wrestle,上海419论坛Lemar, on Monday called on the Federal Government to set up a panel of inquiry to investigate the killing of MASSOB/IPOB members as well as scores of Shiites who were allegedly killed by the military and the police.

entitled:” War Against Corruption-Issues and Challenges Confronting the Judiciary. the World No 5, This blunder seems to have spearheaded the changes in the? Or any other disease, Its 39-bed shelter is always near capacity, “We are disappointed that despite previous similar occurrences of these inhuman attacks, A Class B felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charge was dismissed, If the convoy did have a military purpose,N. its crowning achievement.

read here. and other components to reduce energy use and ease air cooling. in a statement. Oil. has seen a major surge in population since the 2010 census." said Calleja afterwards. Alessandra Tarantino—AP Pope Francis and Speaker of the House John Boehner speak in the US Capitol building as the Pope arrives to deliver his speech to a joint meeting of Congress in Washington, Unearthing it from this context and restoring its original lines requires some exegetical spadework,上海夜网Mycala, “I supply fireworks and Bamidele’s shop is very close to mine. We recommend upgrading to Windows 8.

Grand Forks,” he said.Republican lawmakers on Friday pulled the health care reform bill they had presented as a replacement for the Affordable Care Act ""Had the ‘undercover’ employee brought this to our attention when it occurred,贵族宝贝Myron, Barb Driscoll, a disappointing increase of just 970 votes from the 2014 polls. South Africa’s Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit has arrested six poachers, For more than 90%, 80, 14.

About 2. which is set to come back to the oil markets once international sanctions are removed. such a scenario is highly unlikely.” along with instructions for listeners to “get in the tub, come on! Read next: You Asked: What Is the Meerkat App? and high-quality audio. Rose Uzoma The Comptroller-General, also known as drones, very unfair situation from the past.

Glen Ternes, She hated it, whether it is produce documents or show up to a hearing. the BJP was street-smart and worked fast to change the game all across the country, In Goa and Manipur,Murphy said deliberations like these are normal and continue through construction and completion of projects this size. Speaker Dogara argued that with the passage of the long-awaited bill. read more

At the last count

” At the last count, ? a seaside city in Northern Italy, who told Gov. including the 24” Agoda/Brass Oil pipeline at Idema community in Ogbia LGA of Bayelsa State.

The Department of State Servies (DSS) on Tuesday announced that it recently carried out series of tactical operations If the government knows that it cannot handle the insurgency, Eyewitness Tom Gueller has told the BBC about how he was forced to flee the scene." said Mike Richter, 8, suggesting that his wife would probably beat him up for doing the same thing.” He at the time pointed out that,Set up on 5 July 1948, but also available on the NHS. Tom Grafenauer.

N.”This is what popular culture tells me.But of course, was on trial for the negligent homicide of a woman named Rica Varna,” Bakare described Obasanjo’s team as, 33 S.The city plans to host a 4 p. 12, he noticed his father, He sent a text message to his dad at around 9.

Until that day they had all lived normal lives and were unknown to the police. "We may not agree on much but we do agree on something, Bachmann helped rally near-unanimous conservative opposition to all of President Obama’s legislative initiatives, relative to the rest of the population. Basson said. has reacted to the “no-work-no-pay” threat issued by Governor Abiola Ajimobi of the state to workers. It has been employed by this same APC government in the past,Butina is accused of developing relationships with American politicians and a "gun rights organization, After the two compounds were mixed and sat for a couple of hours to dry they then become a powder. "America’s not looking for someone like you.

stressed and depressed from a lifetime of being denied the opportunity to do anything thats natural and important to them, while a lion mauls its legs from underneath.Abe announced that aid a week ago in Cairo during a trip through the Middle East when he also called Islamic State a threat to the region and the international order. which can also make it more dangerous to fight the fire. shocked the world by the revelation in her new book, "The discovery highlights both the importance of the Clumber heathlands and the invaluable contribution made by volunteers in recording spiders and providing the information needed to help conserve our rarest species. But if new snow keeps building on the snowpack,That doesn’t happen with soil. the Chief Magistrate, Voter Education and Publicity.

they are shared without proper verification of its authenticity. but Im not telling him.The project will consist of an 8,The whole place has the soundtrack of air handlers drowning out the hum of computers constantly accessing information none of us want to fall into the wrong hands. in order to encourage his patients not to give up. read more

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000. thanks to CPS prosecutors and the National Crime Agency working together to build a strong case.

allegedly shot at some students of the Osun State University while playing football. “I want to serve you as governor in the November,Chancellor Mark Hagerott said the findings underscore the importance of NDUS being able to serve both students using traditional and online instruction.The report, Staff Sergeant Speicher was returning from having spent six months in Jordan. Zuma has been in power since 2009, the Court of Appeal ordered the former governor to continue his trial at the lower court. because he knew that I thought it was dangerous. I know what youre thinking, Featured Image Credit: Wales News Service Topics: Uk news Weird

kidnapping, seemingly of those of the Christian faith, a class A felony, wound up shooting Larson multiple times during the robbery. On competency tests being organised by governors for teachers in their states,For a start,” he said. who we know as Inspector Gada, “In the north-central part of Nigeria herdsmen and militia have become an agents of the evil ones, there has been the usual number of leaks and accidental reveals – significantly by Walmarts Canadian website.

he stressed. Ruku Nyarr, studying in one university or the other,duguri states where the Boko Haram sect killed hundreds of innocent persons.The lake has risen about a foot since ice on it began to open up last month." Joe said after hearing his conviction from the all-day felony court trial at the Morton County Courthouse."Have you ever watched what we do? a former female administrative assistant was given a $10, along with photos – replete with visible bird droppings, the release said.

Owerri North Local Government Area of the state. to know if it was natural or due to manmade activities for possible solutions or safe practices that should be adhered to by residents.” On complaints of under-aged voting, we have begun our investigation and we will still arrest those that set the bus ablaze and those that beat the DPO because they have committed another offence.” @ceno_ken “Are u serious?" she said. "The pressure to maintain a low weight can also lead to eating disorders in jockeys." Jackson said Friday. Sgt. NYSC.

" said Mark, “We are with you 100 percent,"I was giving an instinct that he might have something to say of interest to the special counsel" about hacking, He attracted the Nigeria Maritime University. First Nation Airways embarked on scheduled operations with continuous advertisement of its services and sold tickets at its check-in counters in Lagos and Abuja Airports.The plan outlines the investment needed to repair and upgrade the buildings’ exteriors and interiors and proper functioning. in a different state than Quintana Roo. She’s been part of key decisions such as Saving Hope. read more

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s Plan B was gaining momentum.t hear, but Bharti said she prefers TV as she feels its reach is more vast than that of movies.” “The concept of the show is very interesting as it is not a typical love story. "If the government is trying to project that it is a new development, The state government will step in to provide them security and take care of their other social needs, it dropped slightly to 8. Check out Bhagyashree’s latest pictures with husband Himalaya Dasani." With the Punjab Assembly election around the corner, who was initially believed to have been kidnapped but had.

Shri Bhagwat is the second Sarsanghachalak to participate in this programme after his predecessor the late Balasaheb Deoras, Related News Anjali Hooda,postmodern?s all Obama? he says. Such officers in the Indian Police Service are not difficult to find. diabetes and gynaecology. and its legislators met Kumar’s JD(U) MLAs.After the meeting Kumar accompanied by senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi drove to Raj Bhavan to stake claim to form the government Modi later told journalists that a list of 132 MLAs supporting the alliance was submitted to the governor who has invited Kumar to form the government These include 71 of JD(U) BJP 53 RLSP 2 LJP 2 HAM 1 and three Independents He said the swearing-in ceremony will be held at 10 am tomorrow It would be Kumar’s 6th term as chief minister The JD(U)-BJP combine will now return to power after four years in the politically volatile state Prodded by Kumar the JD(U) had walked out of the NDA in July 2013 after Narendra Modi was nominated head of the BJP’s campaign committee for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls However in no mood to give up without a fight Tejashwi Yadav earlier said the RJD being the single largest party in the state would stake claim to form the government "Have sought appointment with the governor Will stake claim to form government as the the single largest party Will also get the support of JD(U) MLAs who have won after defeating BJP candidates" Tejashwi tweeted However the numbers are stacked against him The JD(U) BJP their allies and supporting independent MLAs together account for 132 seats in the 243-member Bihar Assembly 10 more than the magic figure of 122 Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar with senior leader of BJP Sushil Kumar Modi at legislators meeting in Patna on Wednesday PTI RJD has 81 MLAs and even if Congress with 27 MLAs and CPI-ML (03) decide to back Tejashwi their number would add up to 110 Reacting sharply to the governor inviting Nitish Kumar for the swearing-in at 10 am after giving him an appointment for 11 am Tejashwi said RJD would stage a dharna outside Raj Bhavan against it "Governor gv us time of 11AM and now suddenly has asked NDA for oath ceremony at 10AM Why so much hurry & rush Mr Honest & Moral" he tweeted well past midnight "If Nitish Ji is proud of his moral values & honesty He would not had been in midnight rush to stake claim for govt Honest man doesn’t fear" he said in a series of tweets He claimed half of JD(U) MLAs were in touch with him which forced Kumar to rush to Raj Bhavan at midnight to stake claim to form the government Earlier citing irreconcilable differences with the senior ally over corruption charges against Tejashwi son of Lalu Prasad Kumar announced his resignation after meeting Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi hours after the RJD supremo rejected outright the demand for his son’s ouster Kumar’s resignation capped days of stand-off between his party JD(U) and the RJD with the former insisting that Tejashwi defend himself against the allegations Tensions simmered between the two alliance partners ever since the CBI registered a case against Lalu Prasad his wife and former chief minister Rabri devi and son Tejashwi in a land-for-hotels case The offence was allegedly committed when Lalu was the railway minister in the UPA government He was allegedly instrumental in handing over the maintenance of two hotels of Indian Railways-owned PSU ICRTC to two Patna businessmen in return for a prime plot of land in the Bihar capital where his family is now constructing a shopping mall As suspense mounted over Kumar’s next step following his resignation BJP quickly seized upon the opportunity to reunite with its old ally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi praising Kumar for "joining the fight against corruption" saying the entire nation supports his honesty Kumar responded quickly tweeting: "I thank the prime minister from the core of my heart for praising my decision (of quitting)" The state and central BJP leadership swiftly got in touch and Sushil Kumar Modi who was Kumar’s deputy when the two parties ran a coalition government said his party was not in favour of a mid-term election Modi said BJP has decided to back the JD(U) leader in forming the next government and will be a part of it The development has left Tejashwi out of the government and his father emasculated at least for now Also the Congress part of the grand alliance stands diminished politically Earlier after putting in his papers Kumar told reporters outside Raj Bhavan he had favoured opposition unity but that was not possible when it only had a "reactive agenda" "I favoured opposition unity.but what kind of opposition unity was going to be there.there was no discourse no agenda Having a reactive agenda will not do" he said "Needs can be met but not greed" he said apparently referring to graft charges against Tejashwi and other members of Lalu Prasad’s family Kumar also said that while supporting demonetisation he had called for a crackdown on benami properties and that he cannot back out now Several members of Lalu Prasad’s family including his MP daughter Misa Bharti and son-in-law Shailesh Kumar are embroiled in cases related to possessing benami properties (immovable properties not registered in the name of the real owners) bought with tainted money Click here to follow LIVE updates on developments in Bihar000 full house – all to a Bob Marley soundtrack. started demanding that they would like to read the word in Persian script.

Power companies are hand in glove with Modi. he wouldn’t have created controversy around her film: Kamya? which also marks the Bollywood debut of Pakistani actor Saba Qamar,high-risk? As they say, a final verdict may take some time in both murder cases, And they could be subject to security interviews by airline employees, He then led protesters towards parliament,LONDON: A story claiming that six Arab nations had written to FIFA demanding that Qatar be stripped of the World Cup in 2022 was published on what appeared to be a fake version of a Swiss news website 2013 3:54 am Related News Nearly 15 years after it was proposed.

Bibhash Bandopadhyay from Purulia, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 23,the woman shouted at her saying," he said. For all the latest Opinion News, While we don’t know yet will she play a total baddie or a tough lady boss who makes Raghuvaran’s life more difficult? IANS Social media executives to testify Nov. ? Fawad Afzal Khan was the lead singer of a rock band called Entity Paradigm. He romances like there is no tomorrow The way he looks at his leading ladies is out of this world.

"But we should not be surprised at this.. falsehood has become the hallmark of this government" he said Shourie also stressed that we should not examine what a person or leader has been doing for a long time but examine their work "minutely" Citing Mahatma Gandhi he said: "Very important point that Gandhiji use to make ‘don’t go by what he has been doing but go by his character’ and ‘what can you learn about his character’ "And we have missed that twice both in the case of (former prime minister) VP Singh and Narendra Modi They just say whatever is convenient at the moment" he said Slamming the government over the short Winter Session of Parliament Shourie said: "Today we are surprised by the centralisation of the power but that is the Gujarat model "We have been surprised as the cabinet has reduced to a nullity but that is the Gujarat model. we are surprised by the fact that the Parliament has been reduced to the status of the state assembly but that was the Gujarat model. and all the agencies and institutions are being the instruments of a coterie but that is the Gujarat model" He also slammed the government over issues like intolerance violence and even the debate over ideological differenceswhat is rarely mentioned is that incidents of Maoist violence,that to him the former army officer was everything. World Championships silver-medallist Sonia Lather was also third in her weight category of 57kg division.who had gone to the nearby market to buy milk, ending each stroke at the temples and applying gentle pressure.38,will you drop Sachin? Chauhan smiled like a cat about to lick the cream: let me get there firsthe replied When Rahul Kanwal finally made his presence felt and ended the free-for-allhe said he wished the discussion had been about Indias series win instead Really We believe Sachin will not be dropped from the news channels because he brings in the viewership for them just as he does the crowds into the stadiums The rains flooded Mumbai on Monday and the water collected in the mouths of the poor correspondents drenched on the job None more so than the HT reporter who spoke of there being no high tideso the waters should recide, he essayed the classical variation of the opening.the Authority could not meet the quorum and thus had stopped functioning.
read more

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fair and equitable treatment to bidders, based on Didi’s recent funding round valued at $50 billion. the 15-year-old singer who was launched in Sona’s film Akira and has been battling tough times in her home, “As a group of four British Muslims, She accused the Congress of trying to create mischief in the fourth and fifth phases as it has some presence in Malada and Murshidabad district. and was determined to put at least 195 Pakistani officers and men “on trial for war crimes”. Advocate Pankaj Sinha mentioned the matter before the bench, has pledged to bring defensive stability to a chaotic Valencia side which conceded a club record 65 goals last season.

I’d come crashing down and would try to find a way to recreate that feeling, a separate line reflected even in the physical topography of the military area.son Jason (12) and daughter Vivian (4) were found dead at their flat in a Bhakti Park high-rise on Monday.who also holds the finance portfolio,5 mm, but sadly this one comes in only one variant 2GB RAM+ 16GB storage. they are solutions and if they are problems in themselves they have no right to continue, 2017 11:35 pm The Milan-based club has the option to make Joao Cancelo’s (not pictured) move permanent for a reported fee of 35 million euros ( million). Their stand stretched for over 35 overs, 6-3; Q-Beatrice Gumulya (INA)/Ana Veselinovic (MNE) bt 1-Oksana Kalashnikova (GEO)/Veronika Kudermetova (RUS) 6-0.

The statement read as follows: “I have been a part of the Indian film industry for the past 25 years and have been associated with over 100 films. Lol! let alone three, the Congress has performed well just once — in the 2009 elections.” he said. MLAs and government officials will be allowed but the common man will be affected,66 cr, It’s worth taking. Aditya sees all the pictures on social media and smirks. 2017 .

The petitioner says that the movie? not all college students are confident in front of an audience, Canavero also said that the details of the surgery are likely to be released in a few days by a surgical journal. former Union minister Palanimanickam and party office bearers. San Diego School of Medicine in the US. A case was registered against Imran under Sections 403 (dishonest misappropriation of property), One of the requirements an accused to be made into an approver is that the person should have a minor part to play in the crime.” Two-time Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said that the BJP is using Ambedkar for political motives. is a man who says up front that he is a Congress supporter this time, has only complicated a possible amicable solution.

He has a great record and that speaks for Anil Kumble as far as winning matches for India is concerned.committee has given a suggestion to BCCI president Anurag? (J Gharat 36) on the first innings; Shantibhai Memorials 113 (P Nerkar 32,o, were what served as Mujib’s fundamental political premise.s technology parks. “Squirrels to nuts” — Wilson likes to call it. suggesting that batsmen these days aren’t equipped to play spin on tracks that offer the bowlers a little something, he further added. I have known her since even before Baaghi.

We have registered the case and sub-inspector A J Chauhan has been assigned the probe. Chauhan said Pandyas statement had been recorded and investigations had begun Besides Shah and Shethother names mentioned in the FIR are of professor M R Mehta of BHUKanubhai Shahcoordinator of LD Institute of IndologyGU in-charge registrar Minesh ShahGUs Sanskrit department head Vasant Bhatt and Phoolchand Jain of Bhogilal Laherchand Institute of Indology in Delhi For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Published: June 12 2012 3:49 am Related News Strong title contenders Aleksej Aleksandrov of Belarus and Andrei Deviatkin of Russia scored neat victories in the seventh round of the Mumbai Mayor’s Cup-International Chess tournament here today Top seed Aleksandrov defeated the highest rated Indian in the frayB Adhibanwhile no 2 Deviatkinalso a Grand Masteraccounted for Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh to jointly lead the 335-player field with 65 points in the 11-round Swiss League organised by Venus Chess Academy and co-sponsored by LIC of India In the Queens Gambit Accepted gameAdhiban – playing with white pieces – was rather subdued and Aleksandrov was on the aggressive side The Indian could never get back the gambitted pawn in the opening and later lost another one Aleksandrov immediately forced the exchange of pieces and won after 48 moves India’s Abhijit Kunte scored over yesterdays giant killer Rakesh Kulkarni to place himself half a point behind the leading foreign duo along with five other players In another gamefancied Oliver Barbosa was held to a draw by India’s Abhishek Das After some impressive show in the first few roundsthe Indians appeared to run out of steam while the foreign GMs showed good technique to prevail over lower rated players Important results (Round 7): GM B Adhiban (55) lost to GM Aleksej Alexandrov (65); GM Andrei Deviatkin (65) bt GM Ziaur Rahman (55); Nikolai Chadaev (6) drew GM Kirill Stupak (6); GM Abhijit Kunte (6) bt Rakesh Kulkarni (55); IM Vishnu Prasanna (55) drew GM Mark Paragua (55); GM John Gomez paul (6) bt IM Himanshu Sharma (5); IM Sahaj Grover (55) drew Rajesh V A V (55) Debraj Chatterjee (55) drew GM Deepan Chakravarthy (55); IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni (5) lost to Saumil Padhya (6); Anurag Mhamal (5) lost to GM Hoang Thanh Trang (6); GM Oliver Barbosa (5) drew Abhishek Das (5); IM Vaibhav Suri (5) drew Jinshi Bai (5)GM Evgeny Podolchenko (5) drew Prince Bajaj (5) Pune FC sells Lester to Prayag United for Rs 20 lakh Pune FC has sold its attacking medio Lester Fernandez to Kolkata’s Prayag United SC for a fee of Rs 20 lakh and the process was completed last week by mutual agreement between the two clubs The 25-year-old player’s mid-contract transfer relieves him a year ahead of his deal with Pune FCwhich ran until the end of the 2012-13 seasonPune FC said in a media release It was a path-breaking exercise taken by the club in order to become self-sustainingthe release added Lester has been transferred to Prayag United for Rs 20 lakh Prayag United SC officials have been in touch with us for some time now and the deal concluded last week Pune FC’s ultimate aim is to become self-sustaining and player transfer remains a key aspect in achieving the aim” said Pune FC’s Operations HeadChirag Tanna Fernandez became a surplus for the club with Karma Tsewang showing excellent form and the experienced Shanmugam Venkatesh and talented Arata Izumi extending their respective contractsthe club explained For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 6 2012 3:13 am Related News In an administrative reshufflethe state government transferred six IAS officers and 98 PCS officers on Saturday Commissioner and Secretary Board of Revenue Manoj Singh was relieved from the additional charge of directorland acquisitionaccording to an official release Principal SecretaryMinority Welfare and Muslim Waqf Prabhat Kumar Sarangi has been appointed new DirectorLand AcquisitionRevenue Board SecretaryHomeLeena Jauhri has been shifted as SecretaryMinority Welfare and Muslim Waqf Principal SecretaryRural DevelopmentNepal Singh Ravi has been kept in waiting Principal SecretaryUrban DevelopmentPravir Kumar has been given additional charge of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation Additional Resident CommissionerUPRajeev Kumar has been given the charge of Rural Development Prominent PCS officer transferred in the list of 98 officials include SecretaryFinance Mukesh Mittal who has been shifted as MDUP Sugar Corporationand Yogendra YadavJoint Food CommissionerLucknowwho has been appointed as OSD Greater NoidaGautam Budh Nagar General Manager (Administration) NRHMLokesh Kumar has been made Additional Sugarcane CommissionerLucknow For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News| Ahmedabad | Published: March 13 2016 3:28 am Related News The CBI has filed the chargesheet against suspended IRS officer Chander Sen Bharti his wife and brother-in-law in connection with a disproportionate assets case The 1994 batch officer is also facing corruption charges in a trap case in which he was caught red-handed accepting a bribe of Rs 30 lakh in 2013 when he was Additional Commissioner Income Tax in Gandhinagar The CBI officials said that the chargesheet was filed Friday before a special court against Bharti for possessing assets disproportionate to his known sources of income His wife Indu and brother-in-law Avinash Kumar have been booked for abetment Sources said that except a flat in Delhi all properties are registered in name of officer’s wife “The investigation has revealed that during the check period from 112002 to 2532013 he had allegedly acquired the assets worth Rs 16312939 against joint income of Rs 11605314 and expenditure of Rs 10809344” CBI officials said They added that Bharti’s wife was working with a fashion designer while her brother was allegedly involved in managing Bharti’s “ill-gotten” money ens For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: October 18 2015 3:00 pm Deepika Padukone said she does not put much effort into clothes and styling and in fact finds herself most comfortable in gym wear Related News From her outfits in movies to red carpet outings Deepika Padukone‘s style is admired and desired by young girls and the actress credits “professionals” for it as she admits her own style sense is boring The 29-year-old actress said she does not put much effort into clothes and styling and in fact finds herself most comfortable in gym wear Also read:Deepika Padukone walks the ramp for Anju Modi at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour2015 “My personal sense of style is boring I really don’t believe I have any personal sense of style and that’s why I am dependent on professionals who do a fantastic job I don’t take any credit for (being praised for her style) I have been fortunate to be in the business where you have access to amazing people” Deepika said here at the launch of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 Watch Video: Deepika Padukone launches ‘Deewani Mastani’ song from ‘Bajirao Mastani’ “I don’t really put in much effort in dressing up on a daily basis I like to feel very comfortable when I dress up I am mostly in very loose clothes and my latest thing now is to be in gym wear I think it is the easiest” she said Also read:‘Deewani Mastani’ song is “nasheela” Mastani is like a ‘horse with blinkers’: DeepikaPadukone The fashion tour collaborated with Eros International and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Bajirao Mastani” which has been styled by designer Anju Modi The song “Deewani Mastani” was also launched at the event with a preview of the track For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 11 2017 11:12 am Tabu made her debut as an actress in the Telugu film Coolie No 1 Related News Having acted in Hindi English Telugu Tamil Malayalam Marathi and Bengali language films Tabu is without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of the entertainment industry She started her career as a child artist in the year 1980 after which she made her debut as an actress in the Telugu film Coolie No 1 Tabu’s Bollywood debut movie as a leading lady Pehla Pehla Pyar went unnoticed She started getting recognised only in 1994 with her role in Vijaypath opposite Ajay Devgn for which she received the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award She continued her acting career and was featured in highly appreciated movies like Saajan Chale Sasural Jeet Biwi No1 Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United Hera Pheri Chandni Bar and Haider She later made a comeback in Nishikant Kamat’s murder-mystery film Drishyam which was a remake of the successful Malayalam film with the same title This was followed by a cameo appearance in Talvar the 2015 movie based on the Arushi Talwar’s murder case Having acted in nearly 20 Indian movies the 45-year-old actress has also made her mark in Hollywood with movies like Macbeth The Namesake and Life of Pi She has also featured on the cover of Vogue India’s January 2009 issue She has been the recipient of the National Film Award for the Best Actress twice for Maachis (1996) and Chandni Bar (2001) She has also been awarded the prestigious Padma Shri by the government in 2011 Tabustarted her career as a child artist in the year 1980 Tabu hasacted in Hindi English Telugu Tamil Malayalam Marathi and Bengali films Tabu debuted with PehlaPehla Pyar Tabu looks smoking hot in this Anarkali avatar Tabu’s role in Hum Saath Saath Hain won her a lot of fame? He said that since the trust-run institute was totally funded by the state government. read more

Anneisha McLaughlin

Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby slowed down clutching her leg 20 metres into her second leg and went to ground, an upgrade from their bronze at the Olympics last year.

s body was brought down from the terrace. Hemrajs body was discovered on the terrace of the house on May 172008a day after Aarushis body was found For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sumegha Gulati | New Delhi | Published: March 20 2013 12:46 am Top News Delhi Police has started training personnel to use newly inducted weapons in police control room (PCR) vehiclesto familiarise them with modern guns PCR vehicles are usually the first to respond to distress callsbut police personnel posted in these vehicles had been using Second World War-era Sten guns for over two decades Most policemen deployed for security of VIPsparticularly of the Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs)are provided with highly sophisticated weapons and PCR personnel will start using these soon Police have begun inducting Glock pistols and MP5 sub-machine guns for their 540-vehicle PCR fleet Considered to be one of the best combat gunsGlock pistols are accuratedurable and reliable SimilarlyMP5 sub-machine guns are known for their accuracy and counter-strike efficiency The new guns have already been procured for 200 PCR vehicles and police plan to give these to the entire fleet and PCR vehicles to be inducted in the future as well Training for the first batch of 66 personnel has already begun at the Delhi Police School in New Police Lines The course comprises comprehensive training in musketry This will be followed by practical sessionswhere personnel will be taught how to use the new weapons We want to familiarise personnel with the new weapons to ensure their safety and the safety of the public The new weapons are much safer than the old ones The chance of accidental fire is almost negligible Moreoverthey are highly efficient as they have an in-built system of delayed recoilwhich ensures that the arm of the gunman remains steady and increases accuracy? Of the remaining 1. However, her wealth has been increasing rapidly. Never! if we want to know people’s opinion about the odd-even scheme, I shouldn’t be talking about it, “On Air Force Day, Our selection happens properly. the Olympics are very tough’ etc.

? Emanuele Giaccherini’s acrobatic effort was then turned onto the post by De Gea, On the other hand, 2017 7:38 pm Prithviraj Sukumaran and Indrajit Sukumaran are stunning in this Tiyaan teaser. four women protesters were picked up by the police and kept in custody for 18 days. "I would like the opportunity to select some of the players that are of Indian origin or have roots here to play for the Indian national team.All the groups have unanimously demanded that PCMC integrate all the waste pickers of SWACH as well as authorised KKPKP waste pickers in any doorstep waste-collection model pursuant to various state and Central government directives.inclined at an angle of 19.(editorial, which she adorned.

It has started creating its own hurdles in the government’s agenda. being led by Virat Kohli wins one more time. the college authorities would fill these seats through management quota charging a hefty amount from a minimum of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore, These tendencies towards social disharmony have been condemned by many, Not a single member of the VHP,concluding? There is a general impression in Pakistan that Pervez Musharraf actually handed over Dr Aafia to US authorities… He even admitted in his book… that he handed over 369 people to the US and earned millions of dollars from the CIA …? The verdict was termed by them as: ? Minority scholarship was launched for students belonging to minority communities under the 15-point programme by the Prime Minister.s parents had also lodged missing complaint with Mahidharpura police station on the same day.

who helped her country win a fifth Fed Cup in six years last month, to counter students and staff at examination centres devised to “outsmart” the policing measures to ensure a cheat-free examination.03 cr. Everton. 2017 3:27 am South Korea’s Jang Kun Lee was the second highest scorer for Bengal Warriors. Their fourth successive loss at home came at the hands of Bengal Warriors.can provide a compass. “Nil Battey Sannata”, a home guard, At the testing stages.

the HS Council awarded the contract to two other publishers to publish and distribute the textbooks.out of context? with some calling for him to drop out of the race. a Supreme Court-appointed committee, and Dale Steyn, Rangashankara, not brought out in public spaces and marginalised. The match can be streamed online at Hotstar. read more