Why does Liverpool seem like an unbeatable team?

first_imgTwo players that did not involve large investments, which have rendered extraordinarily and currently, between the two, add a market value of 190 million euros. Undoubtedly, two of Liverpool’s best sports movements in its history and that, in addition, have a whole future in Reds tones so that the Anfield stand continues to marvel at its fantastic sports level.The magical trident: Salah-Firmino-Mané.Liverpool has in its ranks one of the best attacks on the planet. The trident formed by Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mané has become one of the biggest nightmares for the English and European defenses in the last two seasons. Its scoring figures are at the height of very few in the world and its performance has been, without a doubt, one of the main keys for the Red team to be signing glorious years and of authentic sports shine. Having 3 of the best attackers on the planet in their ranks is one of the strongest assurances you can have at your Klopp controls. When it is not Salah, it is Mané, and if any of them fails, Firmino appears. Not to mention the afternoons in which the three decide to create a total party for the interests of their own. Without a doubt, one of the most feared attacks of the moment and, consequently, one of the most underlined keys in the recent great performance of this Liverpool. The impeccable management of Jurgen Klopp.Winning titles was the great burden of Klopp in England. After triumphing in Dortmund, the German coach added several seasons generating good results, offering serious approaches, winning tactical battles in big dates, but that had his long-awaited happy ending in 2019. Jurgen Klopp’s close personality has once again been key in his career sport to, now, succeed and be making history on the banks of the river The pressure on the rival.One of its most outstanding brands. The character and personality of this team is based, in large part, on a huge physical state that allows it to establish a pressure on the departure of rival high-flying game. With possession for and against. This Liverpool is able to drown its rivals with the start of brilliant matches in which it often manages to get ahead on the scoreboard against teams that are surprised. However, when it is time to replicate, when the protagonism falls to the opponent, he is able to close the pitch, he is able to compress the spaces to generate a feeling of sports suffocation that often precipitates the decision-making process and possession in favor. Undoubtedly, one of the most worked sections in Melwood by Jurgen Klopp and his.Alexander-Arnold and Robertson: the ideal complement outsideTwo of the players that have evolved most in the ranks of Liverpool by Jurgen Klopp. Alexander-Arnold, from the quarry. Robertson, from the Hull. Two names that appeared little by little, almost out of nowhere for the general public, but that have been enshrined as two of the best laterals in the world, each in its profile.The importance and contribution of the pair in the Liverpool outdoor game has made them two real daggers, two ubiquitous players that accumulate prominence and contribution in equal parts. While other stars of this Liverpool came at the blow of a booklet with large disbursements, in the case of the sides quite the opposite. If Alexander-Arnold ascended from the Melwood quarry, Robertson arrived from Hull City after paying a lower figure close to 9 million euros. Virgil van Dijk: historical signing to strengthen the defense.A case very similar to that of Alisson, but this time in defense, and with a much greater media impact. Liverpool signed two years ago, in the winter market of 2018, Virgil van Dijk from Southampton. After a hard negotiation with the southern team, the Reds were forced to pay the stratospheric figure of 85 million euros for the Dutch defense, who at that time became the most expensive center in history. Now that ‘honor’ falls to Maguire (Manchester United).A historical investment that began to bear fruit from the first moment. Virgil van Dijk was already considered one of the most desired defenses in England and Liverpool risked more than anyone to, now, have in their ranks what is considered by many the best defense on the planet. In Liverpool he has achieved firmness, security, has continued to explode his aerial game in attack, has continued to file his physical strength in the race and in short spaces, and has even been awarded at an individual level fighting against legends like Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Its market value has exploded commercially. If when I was in Southampton it had a commercial value of 30 million euros, it has now tripled steadily to reach the imposing 100 million euros. After years of doubts and sports emptiness that generated hundreds of defensive nightmares, Liverpool closed, thus, one of its biggest ballasts to have a real life insurance in the defense.center_img Liverpool lived a year 2019 of authentic dream to be European champion in the Champions League (in front of Tottenham), be champion of the European Super Cup (against Chelsea) and be a historic runner-up in Premier League after getting 97 points (only surpassed by Manchester City, with 98 points).But, as if that were not enough, closed the year being the incontestable leader of the 2019/20 Premier League with a practically absolute favoritism in order to be the next champion in English territory. Only an unexpected (and almost historical) twist of script would make the showcases of Anfield did not host at the end of the campaign a new league title. His figures scare. They have only lost 14 of their last 100 games played, and this season they still don’t know the defeat after 20 games played (they have a pending game against West Ham for the club world cup).They are the great rival to beat on British soil and one of the great candidates to be champion in continental territory. But, why is this Liverpool squad showing such a high level of sports excellence? What reasons allow this template to be considered one of the best in the history of Liverpool?Alisson Becker: one of the best goalkeepers in the world.In the summer of 2018 Liverpool made one of the most expensive signings in its history when it officially closed the incorporation of the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson, from Rome. The English team got their signing after paying the imposing amount of 62.5 million euros. At that time he was considered the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of football, but that same summer Chelsea paid the clause of Kepa Arrizabalaga and granted the Spanish the ‘prestigious’ commercial honor.A large number of which no one speaks on the islands, since the level of Alisson has been excellent. It is, without a doubt, one of the most fit goalkeepers in the Premier League and the world. The percentage of matches he has managed to sign with the goal to zero since his arrival in Anfield is very high and his performance in each match is up to what the team needed. With him in the team Liverpool closed, thus, one of its main weaknesses. Now, two questions, two doubts. Will Liverpool be the Premier League champion this season? Everything seems to indicate yes. But will he manage to do so undefeated, without losing a single game? Without a doubt, the great challenge. With the title virtually in the pocket for many connoisseurs in the British Isles, some no longer question the outcome, but the forms.last_img

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