AlQaeda attempting to recruit youth from Sri Lanka

Experts point out that of the Indians who travelled for jihad to Syria and Afghanistan, majority joined al-Qaeda instead of ISIS, and many of them hailed from southern states. They are believed to be helping the al-Qaeda with the translation work. (Colombo Gazette) This is the first time that al-Qaeda has attempted to target youth from south India and Sri Lanka. With pages like Tamil Ansar and Olivin Charathu targeting regional youths, the al-Qaeda has reportedly upped their social media reach, with counter-jihadists and hackers noting a visible rise in their online activity.The Facebook page ‘Syria through Indian Eyes’ also regularly updates information on al-Qaeda and its activities in Syria in Tamil and Malayalam, while many pages also invite users for group chats in Telegram, an encrypted platform for having a secure conversation. According to reports, the terror group’s media outlet, the Global Islamic Media Front, earlier this month formed a new group to translate the group’s videos, messages and articles into the regional languages. Al-Qaeda is attempting to recruit youth from Sri Lanka and south India, the Asian Age reported.In a attempt to counter the propaganda drive by Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda is now translating its publications and propaganda materials into regional Indian languages such as Tamil and Malayalam.

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