Whether the Shanghai dragon will change in the future direction of optimization

three: Shanghai dragon industry worries will be banned SEM

: the worries of a Shanghai dragon whether the extension of

simple search engine algorithm is to change the user’s search engine market competition also exists. Who can provide users with the best information, the user can choose who it is law. Then the search engine algorithm change is conducive to Shanghai dragon? We can only say that the search engine algorithm changes to the webmaster do optimization more professional, to optimize the user useful.

address: 贵族宝贝web-pro-贵族宝贝/internet1373.html Shanghai, please indicate the source

we often say Shanghai dragon is a part of the site is indispensable, if the site exposure rate is not enough, who knows you, who asked to visit your web site, who will become your users? But we have to say is either SEM or Shanghai Longfeng, more and more people will choose who are positioning for the target population and website.

is in Shanghai Longfeng future development will change the direction of the emergence of new media for publicity channels in addition to search engines produced a huge role. From the optimization of a new round of micro-blog, WeChat seems to be changing after.

worry two: search engine algorithm change is conducive to Shanghai dragon

The first ?

is for the webmaster, can be a good website optimization. But the emergence of new media so that more customers have higher requirements, how to have a relatively good propaganda way in micro-blog, WeChat. The absolute majority of small and medium enterprises have chosen to establish official website on micro-blog, in order to be able to do a good job of brand promotion. The Shanghai dragon is open extended toward the direction of development of new media to

I recently paid more attention to the small and medium enterprise website, choose to pay promotion in most sites, fell in love with the sea search Chengdu website promotion link directly to the first screen filled. Other industries also have the same place. So in the development of Shanghai after the dragon will cause a blow to

of course I support more customers to choose Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is more conducive to get the trust of Internet users, more conducive to ensure site traffic, more conducive to the positioning of the core of the site. The vast majority of users know promotion link is the advertising behavior, who is out of money who can be ranked first. Shanghai dragon in the future no matter how to change, I believe will develop better and better, can expand the future direction of development, but the Shanghai dragon is indelible give the benefits of the website.


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