From the beginning of 0 Shanghai dragon bit optimization algorithm


Inside the content link

three, home to must have rich and valuable content, single page too, if only a word or a simple contact phone + simple a few of no great importance. I think we can’t waste this page, the user guide and education is very good, allowing users to buy your product, do the details are important web page pictures and other details are to take control of a good website, such as ICO small icon is set up

four, in the title of the page title is best to use H1 tags to write the title to very good page contains the contents of the title to do a very good attraction, a good title to let customers click on your impulse, the inside pages of content, reduce the search engine into filter or no sense of the word. Paragraphs reasonable announced, the layout is clear, the key to highlight the main content (Gaka, 2 can be, but appropriate to increase the key words, not too much, generally 1 – 2 can), it links (connecting inside and outside the station). Try to add pictures, so if there is illustrated. The video that is more good, the inside pages of related pages and news. The content of the article is not long, but not too small, generally about 500 to 2000 words, not more than 5000 words. The best comment page. Where is a interactive increase and the reader, the two is to update the page to grab and keep updated search engine so

five, about 301 of the set, many webmaster know home page set 301, but many webmaster will ignore >


, a two page keyword layout, product layout, navigation has played a great role in the customers are most concerned about the problem of simple distribution in the navigation above, do the user entered the home, can quickly find what he wanted.



Optimization of

a page: first clear the theme of the site, TDK (title, description, keywords) in three dimensions, set up, from the beginning of this set, not easy to change home page H1 tag set, 301 set of domain name. 2, product pictures as far as possible, the proportional control in about 5:3, do ALT attribute to each picture, want to show a picture on the first grab the code, because the spider is down from the crawl, the first picture is likely to show up in search results. 3, keyword density, keywords password determines the ranking on the home page to add keywords, you think about those places with appropriate keywords, the premise is not affect the customer’s browsing, user experience is good, can protect their smooth, keyword density is between 2%-8% limit. 4, on the first pop problem, my view is all off, leaving only a love of Shanghai and share the QQ client software, it is best to hide, this is don’t let pop hurt your customers.

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